Voice Brokers On the Way Out?

Say Hello to the Future!

How well do you know your broker? Is their website transparent and interactive? Can you pull it up on your mobile phone? What kind of Transportation Management System (TMS) do they use? They do have a TMS, right? Do they utilize a portal where you can access tracking, payments, experts, information? There’s no such thing as too much information. Your broker should be your one-stop shop for everything freight-related. If not, then you aren’t getting your money’s worth.

In January, the folks over at FreightWaves deemed 2018 as “the beginning of the end for the voice broker”–claiming “Voice brokers are a dime a dozen, and their days are numbered. Over the next year, companies that lack technology are doomed.”

When we say voice broker, we are referring to the traditional old-time freight-broker, the guy or gal who books loads from a spare room in their three-bedroom ranch, using the bare minimum–a phone, a load board, email, and a personal relationship with carriers and shippers.

Here at AM Transport, we know those personal relationships are important. But we saw the writing on the wall a long time ago. That’s why we complemented our exceptional customer service with a heavy investment in the newest technologies. We’ve worked hard to integrate the best efficiency-boosting technologies in order to streamline and optimize our client’s experience.

How do we do that?

Cloud Technology

We can find and facilitate capacity easier because we leverage cloud technology and consider our Carrier sales as important as our Customer sales.

Price Discovery

We utilize multiple sources of industry rate benchmarking data as well as our own data to predict the current market rate of a shipment. This allows us to offer competitive rates to both shippers and carriers.

Payment Settlement

We offer innovative solutions that enable carriers to submit their shipment paperwork quicker and easier to us in order to get paid faster.

Online Portal

We offer a robust online portal that allows a customer visibility into their supply chain including dashboard views, KPIs, and custom reporting.


Of course, no great company works without people. Here at AM Transport, we’re special because we just flat-out have the best people. Men and women who are empowered every single day to make ethical decisions. Folks who leave work in the evening as energized as when they arrived in the morning because they love their jobs. Our people gives us and you an unparalleled benefit!

Take a minute and ask yourself–Is my logistics provider a voice broker? If the answer is yes, give us a call! The truth is whether you are a carrier or a shipper, times are changing, and here at AM Transport we believe change is a great catalyst. We know that the best relationships are built on excellent customer service rooted in a passion to implement new and exciting technologies that keep our customers competitive.

Remember, you deserve more than a voice on a phone!