computer with screen of AMT portal

Does Your 3PL Have a Portal

What Is A Portal?

In the logistics industry, information is king. Shipping customers need access to important data, and a client portal gives customers that all-important access. If your 3PL doesn’t utilize an online portal, you’re missing out on technology that saves you time and money while boosting efficiency!

A good online portal:

  • Is easy for customers to navigate.
  • Should be mobile device friendly.
  • Provides real-time load tracking and visibility.
  • Offers customized reports and customizable views.
  • Supplies access to invoices, bills, orders, and inventory.

A Great Portal Empowers Customers

Right now, shippers are operating in a volatile transportation market. Spot market rates are up, the ELD rule is in its hard-enforcement stage, and the driver shortage is showing no signs of letting up. Capacity is worse than tight! And we’re just now heading into the busy season as produce has been a little slow this year. While recent DAT reports show the load to truck ratio dipped a bit in March, it was still up 116% compared to March 2017.

Here at AM Transport, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. That’s why we study, invest in, and implement forward-thinking and innovative technology. It’s our job to provide customers with the service, tools, and expertise to reach their goals.

We believe a client portal is essential to our commitment to customer service. When you partner with AM Transport Services, we provide access to a portal that empowers you with real-time, critical information. Our portal gives you the competitive edge you need and deserve.

Do you like availability, choice, information, and the ability to track your shipments 24/7?

We bet the answer is yes!  For more information on the numerous benefits our portal provides, check our white paper. You deserve the best. At AM Transport our portal is just another way we help customers deliver products on-time with consistent, reliable service!