Vacation Season: Smart Shippers Count On AMT

School’s out and here in the mid west,

temperatures are hitting the high 80s and low 90s with some regularity. Excited kids are riding bicycles all over town, ice cream and snow cone stands are buzzing with activity, city pools are filled and open, and in kitchens everywhere, families are planning their summer vacations.

At AM Transport Services, vacation season is upon us and because we work hard and give 100%, we take vacation seriously; in fact, we love our vacations! They are part of our healthy culture! You see, we encourage one another to travel, experience new places, or just stay home once in a while and get that new deck painted. Our founder, Avery McKinney, had a motto we continue to take to heart–Work hard and play hard!

We understand that shippers might be a little wary when folks start heading to the beach. After all, vacation season is a busy time in the logistics industry. A strong economy, the driver shortage, and the residual impact of the ELD mandate continue to squeeze capacity. Rates are high, and there’s every indication that they are going to get higher. Shippers are working overtime to find capacity in a volatile market. For many shippers, vacation season is just another disruption.

So what does vacation season mean for the enlightened shippers who partner with AM Transport?



You read that right! Nothing changes during vacation season when you partner with AM Transport Services for your logistics needs because we are a team of cross-trained experts. We have another motto–Collaborate instead of Compete.

We’ve been in the business for 30 years. The folks on our team have cultivated long-term relationships with carriers built on best practices, transportation management strategy, capacity commitments, and exemplary service expectations. In other words, we know what we’re doing, every single one of us!

Even when your favorite team member is on vacation, you can expect the same great customer service from his or her colleagues. That’s a promise! Remember, at AM Transport Services, you get a real live person on the phone every time! You can count on that–even during vacation season!