Do You Need a Third Party Logistics Provider?


First of All: What is a Third Party Logistics Provider or 3PL?


Shippers are busy people who may not have the time or staff to do the time-consuming legwork on shipments. That’s where a 3PL comes in–setting pickup and delivery appointments, finding trucks, communicating with drivers, and handling problems. In other words, A 3PL handles your outsourced shipping and logistics needs.  

But do YOU really need a 3PL?  


After all, how difficult can it be to find qualified, fully-insured carriers, negotiate reasonable rates within a quick time-frame, generate the appropriate paperwork, track your shipments from pickup to delivery, and handle things like blown tires, snow storms, and driver illnesses, while staying on top of the latest logistics technologies?

If that sounds a little daunting, a third-party logistics partner might be exactly what you need!


The truth is, there are many excellent reasons for partnering with a good 3PL!


  • Expertise is hard to beat. Logistics is what 3PLs do. An experienced 3PL has been around the block more than once, and they have the tools and know-how to navigate things like dropped loads, detention difficulties, and missed appointments.
  • A core carrier base gives 3PLs an advantage. They’ve vetted and cultivated relationships with honest and reliable carriers which lowers your risk.
  • Technology is changing almost daily. Even smaller 3PLs have access to some of the newest technologies which might include Data Capture and Analysis, Transportation Management Systems, GEO Fencing, GPS Tracking and Visibility, and Freight Bill and Auditing.


But that’s not all! At least not if you partner with a great 3PL.




Inbound Logistics recently published the results of their annual reader’s choice survey. And guess what? Shippers rate the service they receive from 3PLs as their top priority!  

In fact, 75% of respondents rated service as more important than price, citing poor customer service as the number one reason their relationships with 3PLs fail.

At AM Transport, we’re pretty excited about these results because good service is what we do best. In fact, we believe that good service is what differentiates a good 3PL from a great one!




So what can shippers expect from a great 3PL?


  • Relationships, relationships, relationships! An experienced 3PL will have long-standing relationships with folks all along the supply chain. This includes warehouse managers, production managers, and freight managers at pickup and delivery sites, as well as, carriers, drivers, and dispatchers. These strong relationships give your freight priority.  
  • Communication and collaboration is the heart of excellent customer service. Are you tired of waiting on-hold, or worse yet, hung up on and never called back? Tired of vague, deceitful, or uninformed responses? A great 3PL is available the first, the second, and the 50th time you call. In fact, a great 3PL wants to answer your questions because that’s how they get to know you!


Working with the best third party logistics providers will free you from the chronic headache of not trusting your transportation partners! We all know worry is a drag and a waste of your precious time!

Here at AM Transport Services, customer service is our number one priority. We don’t succeed unless you do. We get to know you because we love creating custom solutions for your unique shipping needs.

And we’re available 24/7/365 for information, updates, or questions. When you call us, you get a real, live person. Every time.  

If you’re ready for an honest relationship with experts whose first priority is your freight, give AM Transport Services a call, and find out for yourself what it’s like to work with friends!