Living Through Fantasy

Here at AM Transport, we love our sports.

Whether it’s watching our local high school (Go Tigers!) and junior college (Go Blue Knights!) games, or going out and supporting kids playing in the middle school and park systems, we get our fix however we can.  And while the real thing is great and gets us talking, nothing gets us going quite as much as our AMT Fantasy Football League.

Fantasy Football is a massive phenomenon that has both spiked football’s popularity and increased the average person’s knowledge of the ins and outs of the game, the players, and the statistics. The freedom to participate in several leagues, glance down at your phone and see if you are winning, and hit up your players on social media have made the game extremely accessible.

As cool as all these features are, it’s not why we do it here at AMT.

Our league is entering its fifth year, with a consistent staple of the same “Coaches” every year.  Having this consistency, this constant communication with our friends at work, has enabled our league to grow stronger and stronger every season.

The ability to have a quick conversation with people in your office, to talk a little trash with no ill will, to gloat a little when you beat a co-worker just adds to the amazing dynamic here at AMT.  When you play a game that requires a great amount of luck, you do it because you enjoy the people you are playing with.

Our league includes AMT friends and family who enjoy participating and helping. We even have the occasional barber who likes to talk more trash than anyone else.  And similar to the way we do business here, focusing on community has allowed this league to grow without feeling compromised at all.

The fantasy season will have its highs and lows.  You’ll win some nail-biters; you’ll suffer some heartbreaking defeats.  But at the end of the season, you will have experienced an amazing time playing a game with your friends and family.  This is why, at AMT, we love our fantasy football.