Your Reputation Matters

Are you looking for ways to boost your reputation while keeping costs in check? If so, you’re not alone. During times of volatility, most shippers look for ways to distinguish themselves from the pack–in a good way!   


What is a shipper of choice?

The freight market has been pretty tight in 2018. Most shippers are struggling to improve capacity. One way you can achieve greater capacity is improve the way you deal with carriers. Experts call this being a “shipper of choice.” IN simple terms, it means carriers want to work with you!


So how do you become a Shipper of Choice?

The folks at Freightwaves explain it pretty simply: “Make your drivers happy, and as a result you’ll probably be making your carriers happy. If you make your carriers happy, you’re going to be at the top of the list for moving your freight and keeping your product supplied.”

They offer a list of five things you can do to make your carriers happy that includes: paying quickly and accurately, keeping drivers out of detention, treating drivers with respect, being flexible, and promoting and offering transparency and visibility.

Over at The Journal of Commerce, Ari Ashe and William B. Cassidy suggest a list of twelve steps. They explain that load-to-truck ratios are higher in 2018 than they were in 2017 and are expected to rise. Their list includes drop and hook programs, driver amenities, forecasts and lead time, and overnight parking.



You want to be well-respected and consistent all the time, but it’s never more important than during a capacity crunch. The truth is we don’t know how long capacity will be tight. Rising costs fueled by a healthy economy, the driver shortage, and natural disasters such as Hurricanes Florence and Michael means shippers must compete for trucks for every load.

Historically, shippers are motivated to court carriers when costs rise and capacity is tight, but here at AM Transport Services, we suggest something a little different! We encourage you to take the long view and position yourself as a shipper of choice–or an enlightened shipper–during good times and bad.


We Can Help!

For 30 years, we have cultivated a core carrier base built on best practices, transportation management strategy, capacity commitments, and exemplary service expectations. We work with the best carriers in the business. Our strong relationships with these carriers, our commitment to transparency and excellent communication translates into good relationships for you.

We offer worry-free scheduling. Carriers and customers alike benefit from our extensive knowledge of pickup and delivery. This expertise allows us to plan routes and schedule appointments that will be made on-time. You look great when your freight delivers on time!

We get to know you, your freight, and your lanes. Using a high-touch model, we have our eye on your cargo from pickup to delivery. We forecast problems and prevent them before they occur. This sort of proactive and quick response time makes you look good!


Your reputation matters!

In business as in life, your reputation is how the world sees you. At AM Transport Services, your reputation is as important to us as our own. Take the long view and give us a call today! We’d love to help you become a shipper of choice!