Does Your 3PL Offer Complete Visibility?


New buzz words or phrases are always hitting the ever-changing transportation industry. These words or phrases often represent important ideas pointing to new changes or expectations in our field.

Take VISIBILITY for instance.

VISIBILITY has been a predominant buzzword in the logistics industry for several years. Shippers expect to know what’s going on with their freight, but that’s not all. They want to see it in real-time.

And they should because the technology is out there. If your 3PL isn’t actively providing visibility in constant pursuit of options to offer you a better shipping experience, you need a better logistics partner.

Here at AMT, we want to provide the best customer service possible for our customers, but how can we do this? Here’s what we know–great tracking technology is available, and it’s a no-brainer to provide you with 24/7 tracking of all your shipments.

You can’t beat it when carriers give you access to their GPS Tracking systems. I know, I know, most carriers don’t allow everyone access to this pertinent information. That is if you haven’t spent years building relationships and trust.

Here at AMT, we have long-term relationships with carriers and the trust is built in. This gives us access to 24/7 tracking and visibility. It’s an invaluable resource.

In the off-chance that a carrier doesn’t allow access to their GPS Tracking systems, we have other ways to ensure shipments are tracked and monitored 24/7.

One of our go-to tracking providers is LoadTap.

LoadTap allows us to obtain real-time visibility on our shipments and eases our concerns when managing them. Repeatedly calling a carrier with the question, “Where is your truck?” is no fun and a ridiculous waste of resources.

Let’s face it; when you call and want an ETA, we want to deliver that ETA right then. With LoadTap, we’re able to offer you accurate location updates and ETAs. Macropoint is another tracking provider that offers similar services.

Trucker Tools is another tracking provider.

What I like about Trucker Tools is that it pings the driver’s cell phone every 5-20 minutes with location updates. This eases any concerns we might have through transit, and if we see something alarming, it affords us the opportunity to respond quickly and create solutions to potential problems.

At AM Transport Services, we understand the necessity of complete visibility. We use a high-touch model and excellent tracking tools. We know where your load is from pickup to delivery. It’s part of our commitment to excellent 24/7 customer service. Give us a call today!