Do You Have Critical Freight?

What is “critical freight?”

Logistics experts describe “critical freight” as shipments that must meet specific parameters, such as: specialized equipment, unique handling needs, or precise pickup and delivery times. When these specific needs aren’t considered, shippers or their customers will experience serious consequences.

Historically, most shipments haven’t been critical. But with the Amazon effect changing consumer experiences and expectations, more and more shipments are shifting into the critical category.


What does this mean for shippers?

The logistics industry is changing all the time. Capacity has been tight for most of 2018. This means that shippers are vying for trucks with other shippers. There are lots of reasons for this, and if you ship anything, you’ve probably heard them.

First we had the ELD rule which went into effect in April. Then there’s the driver shortage (some folks say it’s more of a churn) that’s leaving more than a few trucks empty. And the healthy economy makes a difference too because people are buying and production is up.

It really doesn’t matter whether you think global warming is a hoax or a real problem; either way, severe weather events like the hurricanes we’ve experienced this fall affect how many trucks are available to haul your shipments. And when you factor in trade wars and tariffs and a looming holiday season, you’ll see that the demand for those trucks isn’t going to wane any time soon.

Fewer trucks, tighter capacity, and more critical shipments–how do you weather this perfect storm?


Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Providers can help.


If you have critical freight to move, you need better, more comprehensive service. This is where a 3PL can come in. In a recent survey conducted by Inbound Logistics, 75% of shippers said service was more important than cost.

Often when logistics experts talk about service, they are focusing on tangibles like tracking and visibility, load scheduling and planning, fast quotes, or a good platform for billing and documents. And experts are right, these services are important.

But this discussion overlooks the inherent benefit of working with experienced freight brokers with long-term relationships and knowledge.

And never are these relationships more essential or this experience more necessary than when you have critical freight. When critical freight is late or damaged the consequences are big–production stalls, installations halt, food spoils, and the supply chain is broken.


At AM Transport Services, we have a critical logistics process!

Sure, we love to have a little warning when you have a critical shipment coming up, but we’re great at crisis loads too. Here’s what we do!

  • We create a plan!

Using our extensive knowledge of the industry, we assess each situation and create the best possible solution. We micromanage each tiny detail to make sure your time-sensitive or specialized freight reaches its destination exactly when it’s needed.

  • We communicate!

Our logistics team members have rapport with professionals in every port along the supply chain from the logistics manager at pickup to the carrier, drivers, consignee and production managers at delivery site.

  • We follow through!

We utilize a high-touch model for your freight. We offer 24 hours customer service availability, real-time critical logistics tracking, and enhanced decision making skills. Our critical freight experts have the authority to make time-sensitive decisions. Your freight never leaves our sight.

At AM Transport Services, it’s our passion to move your critical freight. We succeed only when your freight is delivered undamaged and on time. Let us micromanage your difficult and next-day freight, so you can put your time and talent where it’s most needed! Give us a call today!