No Shave November – AM Transport style Part 1 of 5

WARNING! This could break the Internet.

The long-awaited Annual AM Transport Beard Contest’s format has changed this year. The weekly photo collages did the job, but we can’t call ourselves innovators without pushing the envelope. We will be releasing a weekly VIDEO showcasing the progress of the beards along with each participant answering a few questions about beards. Voting will be November 30th, 2018. Stay tuned for more information on how to support your favorite beard. This year’s participants are:

  • Connor Dixon
  • David Abell
  • Jason Doris
  • Erik Jensen
  • Michael McKinney
  • Colby Shawver
  • Dallas Racklin
  • Rob McClain
  • Jesse Baker
  • John McKinney
  • Joseph Eagleson
  • Heath Houchin
  • Patrick Umfleet


We always have a great time with this contest each year, and each participant is gracious enough to donate $10 along with other team members in our office, and all the money is given to supporting cancer patients receiving chemotherapy at our local hospital.

The winner of the contest also receives a highly coveted trophy which they can proudly display on their desk the entire year.

This week’s questions were the following.

1. Are you secretly jealous of those who highlight, dip dye and/or style their facial hair?
2. Who has the best facial hair you’ve seen?
3. What is your age without a beard?


Stay tuned for next week’s video!