Connor Dixon holding sign, Driver Shortage?

Driver Shortage: Fact, Fiction, Does it Matter?

Driver Shortage?


The American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) Bob Costello puts the driver shortage number at around 50,000 today with the shortage projected to be as high as 174,000 by 2026. You can’t be in trucking without hearing that the shortage is a big part of why capacity was so tight in 2018.

In fact, when the American Trucking Research Institute released its Top Industry Issues Report in October, the driver shortage remained the top concern for the second year in a row.

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Or Driver Retention Problem?


But is there really a driver shortage? Some experts say no. Some experts say there’s a driver retention problem. Some experts say there’s a driver squeeze or a flexibility crunch. Some folks claim that if you want to find drivers, look to the small carriers with fleets between 10 and 200 trucks. If that’s where the drivers are, that’s where you’ll find capacity.

And capacity means trucks, right? And if you have goods or raw materials that need to get from here to there, you most certainly need trucks.


We don’t have to find trucks because we know where they are!


But how do you find those trucks? How do you find those small carriers that aren’t worried about the driver shortage because they don’t have one. Truth is, most of them have a minor online presence. After all, they’re busy hauling freight!

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to fleets with long-term, reliable drivers?

For 30 years, the experts at AM Transport have been working on and taking care of relationships. We’ve built a core carrier base built on best practices, transportation management strategy, capacity commitments, and exemplary service expectations.

We have great relationships with both carriers and drivers. With over 10,000 approved carriers, which includes niche carriers and carriers with specialized equipment–we know where the trucks are!

But that’s not all. We know warehouse managers, production managers, and freight managers at pickup and delivery sites.

The relationships we’ve built during our 30 years in business will save you time and money. We want to put those relationships to work for you and your customers!


Driver shortage?


If the driver shortage is getting you down, think about this. Small carriers could be the answer to your continuing capacity problems. Give us a call today!