Be a shipper of choice!

With 2018 in the history books what can we expect moving forward into 2019. Probably more of the same–more technological advances, new changes in regulations, and continuing driver shortage and/or driver retention issues. In 2018, these factors created a a capacity crunch, with reliable carriers in high demand. And 2019 looks to be no different. 

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Shippers know what this means.


When carriers are in high demand, they can afford to be  more selective when it comes to deciding which shippers to work with. That’s why when capacity is tight, smart shippers work hard to become shippers of choice.

Here at AM Transport, we work with a diverse group of carriers. Our core carrier base is something we’ve worked hard to cultivate and maintain. After 30 years in the business, we’re grateful for and proud of our relationships with these excellent carriers.

Because of these strong relationships, we know what it takes for you to become a shipper of choice. We’ve pinpointed seven steps you can take to ensure your status as a shipper of choice.


Become a shipper of choice in seven easy steps.


Friendliness of staff.

Drivers are human beings. They like to be treated with respect and friendliness. This might be a friendly hello, a concerted effort to be helpful, as well as, availability for questions. When in doubt, be nice. It’s as simple rule that works in every situation.

Short wait times.

This is a no-brainer isn’t it. No one likes to wait, especially truck drivers. After all, they have time constraints having to do with HOS rules, as well as, appointment times. Sure there are instances where you won’t be able to control wait-times, but when that happens you can pay detention rates quickly and accurately.

Flexible appointments.

Flexibility is important in almost all aspects of business, but extremely so when dealing with pickup or delivery appointments. Make sure you are accommodating and respectful of driver and carrier time.

Low rate of tender cancellation.

Like all businesses, carriers like to know what they are doing ahead of time. When you cancel a load at the last minute, this disrupts a carrier’s schedule for several days if not weeks.

Lead time for shipment booking.

Planning is important in our industry. If you can give carriers a week to plan their loads, they’re much more likely to become a dedicated customer.

Parking options.

Parking is a real issue these days. If you’re willing to let a driver sleep on site, it’s very helpful to driver, carrier, and entire operation.

Driver amenities at facility.

Provide nice bathrooms, vending machines, free wifi, a comfortable driver’s lounge. Treating drivers like your customers is a great idea!

Shippers, ahead of the curve, are incorporating most, if not all, of the above tips. And they are seeing lower transportation costs, as well as, consistent freight customers. Stronger relationships with transportation partners makes a big difference.


Are you ready to be a shipper of choice?