Instant Truckload Freight Quotes?

Do you offer instant truckload freight quotes?

That’s a question we hear a lot at AM Transport. The short answer is NO, we don’t offer instant rates, and we wouldn’t want to.  

You see, competitive truckload quotes depend on a variety of factors, but most importantly truckload capacity in the area. And truckload capacity is constantly changing due to seasonal or holiday demands, shifting manufacturing patterns, new regulations, extreme weather events, and driver retention or shortage difficulties.

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So why are so many freight brokers offering instant rates?

You’ve seen the ads and the promise of instant rate calculators. It certainly seems like a good deal, right?

Not so fast, there’s an underside to that story.

Most companies who offer instant rate calculators are simply taking an average rate in a specific lane. Then they pad it to protect themselves from worst-case scenarios. It’s not rocket science. Or a good idea. At least not for you.

Here’s the problem, folks generate and allow you to book shipments based on those average rates. But when they can’t stand behind the rates, they call or email you when you least expect it with some bad news–the rate is no longer good.

Now you’re not only back to square one, but you’re behind schedule too. You know what that means–you’ll have to pay a higher rate just to stay in the game. And hopefully your freight will pickup and deliver on time, but there’s no guarantee.


Here at AM Transport, we’re happy to explain why we don’t offer instant truckload freight quotes.


We don’t offer instant truckload freight quotes because we offer fast, accurate freight rate quotes, instead. And do you know why? It’s simple. We can stand behind our fast, accurate rate quotes. Here’s the thing–we’re so fast, you might believe we’re offering instant quotes. But we’re not.

Here’s what we do:


  • We gather as much information as possible by asking the right questions. Our team members are trained to get to the nitty gritty of your objective. We don’t want to waste your precious time.  

  • Based on specific information, we offer you a variety of options. We want to ensure that you are paired with the best possible solution for your desired income.

  • Special equipment or time constraints–no problem? Our freight experts have you covered.

  • We access the current market, and we factor in the right variables. We give you an accurate truckload rate that we can stand behind–the first time. We’re not going to leave you in a lurch.


In the logistics business for 30 years, AM Transport brings the full power of long-term relationships with a solid core carrier base to you and your customers. We promise to find the right solution for your unique transportation needs. You don’t need an instant freight quote, you need a fast, accurate freight rate quote. Give us a call today.