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Small Fleets Provide Better Service


A recent article in the Journal of Commerce examined the driver shortage/driver retention problem in the trucking industry. If you’re a shipper dealing with large brokers and larger carriers, the capacity crunch of 2018 made the driver shortage painfully real. And even though the driver turnover rate at larger carriers dropped to 87% in the third quarter of 2018, it’s still 15% higher than at smaller carriers with small fleets.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the number of small carriers with small fleets of one to six trucks has skyrocketed, rising 69.3 percent to 184,555 as of May 2018. William Cassidy argues that these figures illustrate the fact that “there’s no driver shortage for trucking companies with one to six trucks, which increased their driver pool by 69 percent from 2012 to 2018. Carriers with seven to 20 trucks increased their number of drivers by 37 percent.”

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So what does this mean for shippers?


The big takeaway from recent history and the solid numbers is that shippers should be looking to smaller carriers for capacity. The big problem remains, how do you find these small to midsize carriers with small fleets?

Not with a big broker. Listen, we know that when you’re looking for a broker or a carrier, name brand recognition goes a long way to influencing your choice. But the truth is that big brokers work with big carriers with big fleets. The behemoths work together.

They promise the lowest rates. But those low rates come with disadvantages. For example, when is the last time your primary carrier dropped one of your loads? We’re guessing it wasn’t that long ago. In fact, it happens all the time, doesn’t it. And then that low, low rate turns into an above average rate as you scurry to get your load covered at the last minute.

When was the last time you had to offer your freight to more than one broker or post it on a load board because your freight just isn’t that important to the folks you’re trusting it with?


Here at AM Transport, we do things differently.


First of all–those small carriers, the folks who aren’t experiencing a driver shortage are the carriers we’ve been working with for 30 successful years.

We work with the best carriers in the business because we take time to know the people we work with.

Our carrier relationships are built on trust. That means we have access to their GPS systems, so we know where your load is at all times. Updates are no problem.

We work with carriers who will never work with big brokers. Their fleets are small and they’re local. We have access to capacity that your current broker has never seen and most likely never will.

Working with elite small carriers translates to efficiency, cost-savings, and lack of frustrations because we don’t experience the same capacity problems the big brokers do–your load is booked and on the road. And you can get back to doing what you do best.


At AM Transport we go the extra mile for our customers. We make sure we handle the freight you give us because that’s what we do.


See what small has to offer you.