David Abell lifting weights.

Strengths vs. Weaknesses: The Secret to Success

“To focus on weakness is not only foolish; it is irresponsible.” So said the wise author, educator, and business thought leader, Peter Drucker in his book, The Effective Executive.  

It makes sense, doesn’t it–don’t focus on the bad stuff? And yet, we all have a tendency to do just that. Point out our own or others’ mistakes. Try to improve the things we do poorly rather than focusing on what we do well and knocking that out of the park. Drucker’s point is to work from our strengths rather than our deficits.


~~If you’re interested in a great discussion of Drucker and his ideas, check out Jim Collins’ excellent blog post, Ten Things I Learned from Peter Drucker.~~  


What would that look like–working from strengths rather than weaknesses?


To begin with, it would mean an end to all the hustling and bustling of trying to fix what’s wrong. It would mean a single-minded focus on being the best at what we’re best at.

That’s the proposition we offer you at AM Transport Services.

Here’s an example. We’re not great at sales.

Whoa! We probably need to FIX that, right? I mean, how can we grow and compete if we’re not hustling and bustling for new customers, spending all our energy towards securing more business?


It’s not that we don’t want new business, we do. But we’re more interested in getting better not bigger. That means we’d rather spend our time doing what we’re good at. It’s more satisfying for us and for our customers.


So what are we already good at?




We invest time, money, and study into implementing and fine-tuning the best technology solutions for our customers and carriers. This means we have the best TMS in the business, as well as, a fantastic portal. We track over 90% of our shipments. We are constantly upgrading and refining our processes because it’s fun and interesting and beneficial to our team members and our customers.




Sure it would be fun to have more easy-to-book-loads, but we like hard work. We’re good at it. We’ve been in the business for 30 years, and we know the best group of small carriers. Not only that, we have strong relationships with folks all along the supply chain. When you have a hard-to-book load, we can get it done. We might not be cheaper than the big guys, but we’re more consistent because our carriers don’t take loads they can’t deliver reliably, and on-time.


Customer Service


Sure customer service is a catch-all sort of term. So what do we mean when we say we’re good at customer service? First of all we’re nice to deal with. It’s at the core of all we do. We like our each other, and that means we work together for the best solutions instead of in competition with each other.  We like our customers and carriers. This means we answer our own phones. We don’t use an answering service or a phone tree because we want to talk to you. We want to help you solve your problems because we’re good at it (see above).




Yep, we’re good at fun. Our office is a fun place to work. We have standing desks and cool meeting spaces and small offices where we can do deep work. We golf and landscape and dance and cook and shoot hoops and grow beards. We share books and laughter and stories because having fun is important. Our founder, Avery McKinney, always said, “Work hard, play hard,” and we’ve taken that to heart.

Does the “fun” part really benefit our customers and carriers?

Absolutely, when you talk to one of the team members at AM Transport Services, you’re not talking to a disgruntled employee looking for a new job. You’re talking to a seasoned transportation expert who loves his or her job. It makes a difference.


Take a look at your transportation providers and ask yourself if their values align with yours. And then give us a call and find out what it’s like to work with a logistics company focused on strengths instead of weaknesses.