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Good News for Bookworms: Introducing the AMT Best Books List

Here at AMT, we love books. And why not–books offer readers humor, history, escape, romance, philosophy, even recipes. Books challenge us with new or old ideas. Books enlarge our worldview and allow us to travel to foreign countries and back to medieval times. Books create empathy, expand our vocabulary, build our intellect, and promote discussions that have the power to enlighten and bring us together.


In addition, research suggests that reading might make you 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease while reducing stress levels by as much as 68%. And reading a real book (we’re not against e-readers, but we like pages), turning actual pages can help you understand content better. By the same token, reading a real book can help you fall asleep while screens may keep you awake longer.


You’ve probably heard all this before. But did you know that people who read live longer than those who don’t? We’re going to say that again–reading can help you live longer! Now if that’s not a bonus, we don’t know what is. Researchers from Yale University studied 3635 people over 50 years old. These folks were divided into three groups–those who read less than 3.5 hours a week, those who read 3.5 hours a week, and those who read more than 3.5 hours a week, and the results were phenomenal.


Reading books lengthens your life. Not just reading a magazine or newspaper article or blog post–reading a real BOOK with a cover and pages in between. Researchers followed these three groups for 12 years, and they found that those who read 3.5 hours a week were 17% less likely to die than the non-readers, and those who read more than 3.5 hours a week were a whopping 23% less likely to die. It’s a pretty big deal–and just another good reason to read a book or two during the week.


We like to read so much, that we often write book reviews and we maintain a small library of some of our favorite books. And it’s rare that you walk through the office and someone isn’t recommending a new compelling read.


That’s why we’ve created and will continue to add to a new list we’re calling AMT’s Best Books. Right now, it contains many of the best business books out there, as well as, a couple biographies, but we’ll be adding fiction, poetry, memoir. So if you’re looking for a good read, check it out.


Have a book to recommend to us? We’d love to hear from you. Let us know what you think!