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We Want to Work With You


While it’s tempting to seek to be picked by authorities and found by strangers, the more reliable path is to organize and connect those that seek to be part of a tribe, to establish better cultural norms and then persist in making promises and keeping them.

               ~Seth Godin~

Seth Godin is a favorite around here at AMT. Check out our small library of business and culture books, and you’ll find several written by Seth who talks a lot about tribes. He loosely describes a tribe as a group of people connected to one another; a group of people with a shared interest and a solid way to communicate.

Godin’s believes that instead of trying to be everything for everyone it’s better to cultivate strong bonds with a smaller group of like minded people–bonds based on mutual respect, common interests, and a commitment to honest communication. It’s a compelling assertion, especially when we apply it to the cutthroat and volatile world of transportation.


If you’re a shipper, you’re well aware that 2018 was carrier-friendly. Tight capacity due to driver retention problems, the ELD mandate, some killer storms, and a robust economy caused freight rates to skyrocket. Shippers were scrambling for trucks and spot rates were high.

Whenever this happens, shippers look to contract rates to ease the pain. They work on being driver and carrier-friendly. The terms “shipper of choice” and “preferred shipper” are bandied about. All the blogs and transportation journals create lists of carrier-friendly practices for shippers to implement.


But what happens with capacity loosens up? Lots of shippers revert to their old ways. They start looking for bottom dollar deals. And here at AMT, we think that’s shortsighted.

We believe in relationships. We believe in consistency. We believe that we offer a service as valuable in good times as in bad. We’ve been in the transportation business for 30 years, and during this time we’ve grown a core carrier base of the best small to midsize carriers around.

If you’re always rate-shopping, chasing the lowest price, this probably isn’t of interest to you.


But if you’re interested in consistent, reliable service. If you’re interested in working with people who care about your freight and your reputation. If you want your customers to sing your praises to everyone, you’ll want to work with us.

  • Our transportation management system is the best in the transportation business. It’s powered by Salesforce and customized in-house.
  • We have an online portal that offers access to invoices, reports, relevant data, weather updates, real-time tracking, and instant messaging with our team members.
  • Speaking of our team–they are committed, creative, flexible, and available. They work together to find solutions to your problems.
  • We are available 24/7 because we don’t believe in phone trees or answering services.


We’re not looking to be chosen by everyone. Our motto at AMT is to be better than everyone else. Not bigger. If that sounds good, you should give us a call today.