Picture of truck on highway with Small Carriers = Capacity

3 Reasons Small Carriers Work with AMT

“Trucking is the backbone of this nation,” said Mary Ann Hudson, executive vice president and managing director of Bibby Transportation Finance during a presentation at the Mid-American Trucking Show held in Louisville, KY, last week.  FreightWaves reports on the Bibby Financial Services report that “sought to gauge the pulse of the smaller trucking community.”

Many of the findings are not surprising. Here at AM Transport Services, we work with small to midsize carriers, so we aren’t shocked that a whopping 52% of those surveyed reported growth with another 38% reporting stability. That small trucking companies expect to grow their revenue in the next two years isn’t shocking to us at all.


We’ve been working with small to midsize carriers for 30 years. And you won’t find these carriers working with large brokers because large brokers typically work with large carriers. Here’s something you might not know. Small carriers operating on their own can lose contracts because of slow or extended payment terms often offered by customers.

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Quick Pay

That’s one of the reasons we offer our carriers quick pay. We appreciate our small carriers, and we want to keep working with the best in the business. Plus, when we pay quickly, our shippers look good too. It’s a win-win situation benefiting everyone involved, and it’s the right thing to do.

That’s a motto around here–do the right thing. Always.



Here’s another reason the best small carriers are working with the AM Transport team. We have great technology. We invest time, study, and money in our quest to implement the most relevant and hardworking technologies in the logistics industry. Our online portal is a one-stop shop for logistics information from invoices and reports to weather and instant messaging.

And our transportation management system (TMS) is customizable; accessible; and desktop, tablet, and smartphone supported. It provides the current condition of any shipment, supplies the size, weight, cost, location, ETAs, and temperature. And it’s powered by Salesforce, a 10+ billion leading cloud provider.


Customer Service

But technology isn’t everything. We like our carriers. It’s that simple. Small carriers work with us because we care about their business. We know that small carriers are the lifeblood of the transportation industry. That’s why we’re available 24/7/365 days a year. Drivers, shippers, customers will never reach a phone service or a phone tree when they call the team at AM Transport. You can count on that.


So if you want to work with the best small carriers in the business, you should give us a call. In fact, send over your most difficult load. We’ll find the right small carrier and get it on the road today.