Toyota/AMT/Ed Lewis Trucking

Case Study: Facilitated Collaboration

A logistics company’s most important job is to collaborate.


The ability to work with others and to bring the right folks together are what separate the great freight brokers from their merely good or adequate competitors. Collaboration is exactly what makes the third party logistics business so much fun. The following Ed Lewis/Toyota Boshoku case study illustrates how the team at AM Transport facilitates collaboration between a manufacturer and a small carrier, creating a streamlined supply chain for the manufacturer and consistent business for the carrier.


Shipper Background


Toyota Boshoku (TBIL), located in Lawrenceville, IL, is a Japanese automotive component manufacturer, operating in the Toyota group of companies. TBIL’s raw material haul from Lawrenceville, IL to Princeton, IN (40 miles) was inefficient often requiring four different drivers. Without a good partner, TBIL was forever scurrying to get materials from the Illinois to the Indiana site. They needed a regular provider for this drop and hook style delivery.


Carrier Background


Ed Lewis Trucking (ELT) is located in Bible Grove, a small town (344) in southern Illinois. A 90 fleet operation, ELT operates with 100% company drivers. Founded in 2004, ELT has enjoyed consistent growth, but was looking for dedicated work and predictable cash flow to continue and enhance growth.


Solution: Facilitated Collaboration


AM Transport is a third party logistics (3PL) provider operating in Olney, Illinois. With 30 years of experience in freight brokerage services, AM Transport has long-term relationships with a core group of small to midsize carriers, and unlike other small brokers, employs a state-of-the-art transportation management system (TMS), advanced tracking, and an online portal, all enhanced by superior customer service. In other words, AM Transport can put small fleets into service for shippers while offering a single mode of technology and communication for both.


When the logistics manager at TBIL contacted AM Transport, the team went to work. With a quick analysis of TBIL’s pain points and a strong relationship with ELT, AM Transport created solutions that benefited both parties.


ELT received a fair rate to secure cash flow, and used two rather than four drivers which increased efficiency for drivers while lowering wait-time at both pickup and delivery.


TBIL gained a consistent and reliable transportation partner in ELT while AM Transport provided weekly reports and found inefficiencies in TBIL’s supply chain. We lowered their freight spend, and Toyota got a closer look at the inner workings of their supply chain.



Toyota Boshoku and Ed Lewis Trucking were thrilled with this new collaboration. AM Transport’s in-depth supply chain analysis, enhanced communication, and access to small carriers provided both carrier and shipper with continued support and superior customer service.