Do Good Things!


“Here’s how to guarantee you have a good day: do good things.” ~The Daily Stoic


Last July, John “Moose” McKinney began spending half his work day volunteering for the Katharina and Minnie Weber Long Term Care Unit at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital. It was bound to be a good fit. You see, John has an affinity for folks with lots of life experience. He’s always enjoyed their company, their stories, and their appreciation for his great listening skills. When John was in high school, he often visited area nursing homes because he thought it was fun.

John understands that if you want to have a good day, you should do good things. Here at AM Transport, we work hard to do good things for our shippers and carriers. Whether it’s our 24 hour availability, our determination to implement innovative technologies, or our commitment to customer service which often involves following up after hours, our main focus is to make lives better. John’s gig at the hospital is good for all of us because commitment to bettering the lives in our community is important too.


So what does John do at the hospital? Every day, he leaves AM Transport at 11 to spend time with the fine people staying on the third floor. He always looks forward to his three to four hours. “I love getting off the elevator and seeing people whose smiles light up their faces when they see me. I can’t imagine anything better.”

A typical afternoon might include having lunch with a resident or two. John often grabs lunch in the cafeteria and takes it upstairs to eat lunch with someone. His favorite item on the menu is the crispy chicken wrap. Most days he has time to visit without about half of the floor’s residents.

Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, John usually plays gin rummy with a group of five or six others. How often does he win? “Once in a while I win a game, but there are a few card sharks in that group,” he laughed. “I’m not naming any names, but they know who they are!”

“Sometimes when the weather is nice, I take people outside,” John said. “I’ve always been a big talker, so it’s fun listening to their stories, joking around, and just getting to know people.”


We’re proud of John for the time he spends at Carle Richland Memorial. He has no plans to retire from this job. “It’s just so rewarding,” he said. “I highly recommend it to anyone who has some extra time.”


John is pictured above with other volunteers who give their time at Carle Richland Memorial Hospital. Kudos to all!