Three Reasons to Partner with a Small 3PL


What do continuing driver shortages, autonomous vehicles, and the promise of block chain have in common with the new Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse , changing regulations, and the explosion of data in logistics? In a word, disruption.

Disruption is the name of the game in logistics. And common knowledge typically holds that bigger companies are better able to weather disruptive forces. They have more resources, bigger employee pools, and high-end technologies, right?


Not so fast.


In the world of cloud computing and innovative new technologies, small companies could actually be better positioned to weather and perhaps even contribute to disruption in the weeks, months, and yes, years ahead.

In logistics, change will continue to occur and it’s likely that the pace will only quicken with time.  AMT’s Jason Doris believes the “real disruption” in transportation “is that smaller, forward-thinking 3PLs with years of transportation experience have access to the same tools that big companies have.”


Access to Resources

Let’s face it–big companies have more red tape and could have trouble responding quickly because of difficulty with allocating the proper resources. Smaller companies with leaner operations and fewer operating expenses benefit from the ability to allocate resources to new projects which leads to quicker response and development times. This is especially important in logistics where time and efficiency are of the essence.


Small Teams

In smaller logistics companies–like AM Transport–team members have broad experience in all aspects of operations. This leads to widespread knowledge and a culture of cooperation which also accelerates the speed at which innovative ideas can be developed and implemented. Big companies with many levels of bureaucracy are hampered by the ponderous channels new ideas must progress through.



Smaller companies are more nimble and more flexible. They have fewer moving parts. Big decisions can be made quickly and efficiently because fewer departments and people are involved. People often believe that large companies have the infrastructure to quickly execute new ideas. But if the implementation of new transportation technologies tells us anything, it’s that large companies can be clunky with new ideas and slow to adopt and begin using technologies that will make shipping better for their customers.


Here at AM Transport, we’re proud to be a small company with big ideas, a great team, and a commitment to improving the lives of those we are lucky enough to work with. We’re always looking for ways to be better rather than bigger. We believe our size is an asset to our team members, our customers, and our carriers.