Vacation Season–No Worries We’ve Got You Covered!

What happened to spring?

Already it’s the middle of June, and while it’s been a little rainy, we are well into the summer vacation season. The city pool has been open for a few weeks, air conditioners hum behind houses, and you can’t take a walk around the block without running into kids on bikes.

For lots of people, summer offers the opportunity to enjoy longer, slower days. Think cold lemonade in tall glasses and a stack of books alongside lounge chairs, kids in swimming suits or baseball uniforms, lightning bugs blinkering on dusky evenings while children run around with glass jars or play rousing games of ghosts in the graveyard.

Yes, summer is idyllic.

And here at AM Transport Services, we appreciate the longer days and the sunshine because we believe that hard work is complemented by travel, extended time with family, and the gift of physical and mental renewal. All this to say, we love our vacations! The ability to get away–even if you’re just home painting the living room–is part of a healthy business culture. We take it seriously.


Same Great Service

You know what else we take seriously?  Our commitment to you and your business. We understand that shippers (and carriers) might be a little concerned when their logistics partners head to the beach. Early summer is a pretty busy time in the transportation industry. And with uncertainty about tariffs, infrastructure, and new regulations, the landscape is as volatile as ever.


So how do you navigate vacation season when you work with AM Transport Services?

You don’t have to change a thing. We are a small 3PL focused on making our customers’ and carriers’ lives easier.  Each one of our highly qualified team members knows all aspects of our business. That means that your freight will always be handled by a seasoned professional. We believe in collaborating instead of competing.


Nothing changes during vacation season here at AM Transport Services.

We’ve been in business for 30 years, and our small team has long-term relationships with a diverse group of small and local carriers who want your business. We have the best transportation management system (TMS) in the business, and our tracking solutions keep you in the know from pick up to delivery. And while your favorite team member may be on vacation, the rest of us are available 24/7 because we care about your freight.  

That’s a promise!