Managed Freight Solutions

What are managed freight services? 

Managed freight is a service in which a shipper or manufacturer works with a logistics team that manages the full spectrum of a company’s day-to-day shipping needs in order to streamline the supply chain.

Logistics managers help customers save time and reduce costs. They boost productivity and provide increased visibility of both shipments and data while offering superior service levels and the consistent capacity customers need.


Do you need a managed freight team?

If you’re managing your shipping needs in-house without a full-time person dedicated to the task, you are probably overworked and overwhelmed. Finding insured, reliable carriers, staying on top of current rates and negotiating with a variety of providers, as well as, keeping track of your freight and finding it when it’s not been delivered as promised is exhausting. And certainly, it’s not the best use of your valuable time. 


Managed freight services at AM Transport help customers get back to doing the work they love.


Here’s how:



With almost 30 years experience in the industry, we’ve cultivated a core carrier base built on best practices, capacity commitments, and exemplary service expectations. We’ve worked hard to build long-term relationships with over 10,000 approved carriers including niche carriers and fleets with specialized equipment. We know warehouse managers, production managers, and site managers all along the supply chain. Our team puts the full force of these valuable relationships to work for you.


Customized Solutions

We get to know you and your freight. We analyze, assess, and apply innovative solutions for your unique shipping needs. LTL, Truckload, Expedited, Hotshot, Dry Van, Refrigerated–we’ve got you covered. Need warehousing, dedicated fleets, or intermodal options–no problem.


Customer Portal

Our portal with its custom view keeps you in the know. With a simple log in, you can track shipments, access PO numbers, appointment times, contact information, up-to-date weather information and industry reports.



There’s no way you can stay on top of technological advances in the transportation industry. So let us do it for you. It’s our job to study, analyze, and implement technologies like data capture and analysis, GEO fencing, GPS tracking and visibility.


Transportation Management System (TMS)

Our Transportation Management System is powered by Salesforce, the world’s #1 cloud ecosystem. If you’re shipping large quantities of freight and still handling the work manually, you’re wasting valuable time on tasks that could be automated. Our TMS reduces the labor and time required to manage your freight and virtually eliminates errors. You’re in front of problems before they occur!


If you’re interested in supply chain improvement (and who isn’t), give the experts at AM Transport a call to learn more about our managed freight solutions.