What to Look for in a 3PL


Do you need a 3PL?

Are you frustrated by a lack of visibility in your supply chain and exhausted by trying to track trucks down or scurrying after dropped loads? Are you worried about excessive liabilities because you’re sourcing carriers and negotiating contracts yourself? Are you tired of inconsistent, unreliable service and losing customers because of it?

If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, you need a logistics partner you can trust, a third party logistics provider (3PL) who has your best interests at heart. But that’s a large order, isn’t it? In fact, when it comes to the transportation industry, real trust, based on mutual respect and long term relationships, is almost impossible to find. And who has the time to vet new providers? 


We can help.

If you need a 3PL to serve your transportation needs here’s what to look for.



You want a 3PL with a team that collaborates rather than competes, with team members cross-trained in all aspects in the transportation industry, so your important freight doesn’t fall through the cracks.


Customer Service 

You deserve to have your calls answered by a real, live, experienced logistics professional. You don’t have time to punch buttons in an attempt to reach the right extension.



Yes it matters. Ask potential 3PL providers how long they’ve been in the transportation business, how many carriers they work with, and how many long term customers they have.



No, this isn’t the same as experience. How long do team members stick around? When team members have long tenures, it’s likely they are seasoned professionals for whom logistics is a career rather than a passing job.



Nowhere is technology changing more rapidly than in transportation. Don’t be afraid to ask how much of a 3PL’s tech work is done in house. You’ll want to know about transportation management systems and visibility solutions.


Here at AM Transport, we understand your need for hassle-free shipping solutions. We provide consistent reliable truckload freight services according to customer shipment requirements.  We find qualified carriers, make necessary appointments, track the shipment and notify customers when they deliver, as well as, pay the carrier and invoice customers. Our integrated system streamlines communication and offers full visibility.

If you’re looking for a logistics partner who knows how to collaborate and offers superior customer service, give AMT a call today. Our experienced team’s knowledge of the industry and advanced supply chain technology provides shippers with the perfect combination of stellar customer service and consistent truck capacity.