Work Hard and Play Hard: 2019 Golf Outing

Avery McKinney, founder of AM Transport, has always said, “Work hard and play hard.” We continue to take his mantra to heart. If you work with us, you know we take pride in our excellent customer service. We’re available 24/7, every day of the year. And we don’t believe in phone trees or answering services. We answer our own phones because your freight is important to us. Heck sometimes we even make delivery calls!

You can count on our team members to work together because we don’t compete, we collaborate. It’s our job to make sure your freight is picked up and delivered on-time–so you and your customers don’t have to worry. And we keep you updated every step of the way–it’s the right thing to do.


So we’ve got the work hard covered. But what about the play hard?


We’re not just team members, we’re friends. When the work is done, we get together. Sometimes we cook out, sometimes we go bowling, and sometimes we cut a rug. But when the days shorten and the leaves start falling, we have our annual golf outing. No one seems to know when we started golfing together, but it’s been a while now, and it’s always a fun event.

Michael gets a little help putting from Lauren, while Connor looks on.


This year, we split up into six teams of five to six participants (AMT team members and their significant others), for a total of 29 golfers. It was a great night. The temperature was about perfect and there were plenty of drinks to go along, thanks to Shawna and Kacie who volunteered to (wo)man the beer cart.


Here’s the 2019 Golf Outing Group!


At the end of the evening, when all the golfers came in, we tallied the scores–kind of. A couple of teams were 1+ according to their score pads, but we were all winners when Joe’s Pizza arrived with more than a few pies, and we sat down to eat together. From all accounts, a good time was had by all!