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3 Surprising Freight Service Offerings You Need

What Freight Service Offerings Do You Provide?


The short answer is: AM Transport is the leading provider of outsourced logistics services for manufacturers and distributors. The team at AMT evaluates your logistics needs and makes recommendations based on in-depth analysis. We create a customized plan with access to a cloud-based TMS and help you implement it, all the while delivering robust reporting and transparent visibility to your team, so you receive the best freight service in the midwest.




We help manufacturers and distributors deliver products to customers on-time. And we do this by offering a full-suite of transportation services–from managed freight (Logistics as a Service) and logistics consulting to expedited deliveries, load optimization, and critical freight service.

But the truth is, most 3PLs will tell you some version of this same story. How do you choose the right 3PL for your needs?

You figure out what you need. Here at AM Transport, we’re different–in the best way. We’re small 3PL committed to our team, our community, and the customers and carriers we are fortunate to work with. We’re proud of our size. Our team members really get to know our customers and carriers. Building relationships is at the heart of how we’re different.

And because we’re a flat organization, we’re agile, able to make decisions quickly and with autonomy. We’re not following a flow-chart where problems or solutions have to make their way through a convoluted system to the top.


3 Superior Freight Service Offerings


Access to the Best Technology


You can’t manage your logistics operation if you can’t measure how well your current processes are working. You need a formalized process to provide consistency, and this is impossible without the right software. Here at AM Transport, we realized this a while back and in service to those ideals, we began using our first transportation management system (TMS) 25 years ago. We’ve consistently upgraded and top-graded our system to create an unparalleled and solid logistics system that increases efficiency and boosts cost savings.

For a TMS to be flexible and dynamic, it must include these four pillars.

Software as a Service: An adaptable and scalable TMS is cloud-based for security, flexibility, and accessibility.

DIY Robust Reporting: Our TMS is designed to help you create powerful, “move-the-needle” reports because your capabilities will be coupled with our easy-to-use and customizable system.

Open API: When you choose a system with an open API, you automatically extend the shelf-life of your TMS because an open API is a pipeline that ensures future integrations are possible.

Supply Chain Visibility: Your system must be agile enough to provide end-to-end visibility based on your requirements. We offer the ability to drill down into each shipment and quickly display important information.


Exceptional Customer Service


For 30 years, we’ve worked with the best logistics professionals in the transportation business. We’ve studied, invested in, and implemented the best practices of the most advanced supply chains in the world.

We provide a variety of offerings for shippers with one goal in mind–the level of support our manufacturers and distributors need. To that end, our team members are cross-trained with the ability to make quick decisions. Our data scientists and tech team are in-house too. That means when you have a problem, we’re not filling out a service ticket and sending it across some large campus. We’re on it within minutes because that’s how we work.

You can outsource your entire logistics operation to our experienced team, or we’re available for fractional engagements. Either way, our 30 years experience and first-hand knowledge of diverse supply chain environments will benefit your operation.




Our service is relationship-based. We get to know our customers and we create valuable friendships. We’ll outline the objectives most important to your company whether its cost, service, or communication (or a combination). We share this criteria with your transportation providers because when they succeed with your company, you succeed. We create reporting standards, dashboards, and reports because transparency is imperative to strong relationships where each player knows where they stand according to agreed-upon criteria. Finally, we hold quarterly conferences to track and report status, and to innovate and improve where needed.


When you work with the team at AM Transport Services,

you work with a team committed to relationships and strong communication. In The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Steven Covey writes, “When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.” We know this is true, and it’s how we do business.

Give us a call, and you’ll find out quickly that even after 30 years in business, we answer our own phones. We know that when you call, you probably want to talk to a real person. You don’t have time to wait on an email or make your way through an irritating phone tree.

If you’d like to know more about Logistics as as Service the AM Transport way, schedule a call today, or complete our free LaaS assessment to see if Logistics as a Service is right for your growing business.