Meet the Team: Hillary Steber, CTB

Here at AMT, we like to say we have the best team in the business. Every couple of weeks, we’re running an introduction to another one of our awesome team members. This week we talked to Hillary Steber who works in accounting. Hillary began working at AM Transport in 2015. She trained in all aspects of the business from Carrier and Account Manager to carrier on-boarding roles and finally to billing.


Favorite Color?

Teal Blue


Beer or Wine?

Can I say both? No seriously, I’d have to say beer, but I don’t really have a favorite. I like any light beer, but no IPAs or dark beers.


Skittles or M & Ms?



Favorite music?

I like country music and 90s country the most. Shania Twain and the Dixie Chicks are some of my favorites.


Have you been to a concert recently?

The most recent concert I attended was this past summer I saw my favorite artist, Brett Eldredge in Greeley, Colorado.


Speaking of Colorado?

In 2018, I moved to Colorado and began working remotely. The transition from working in the office to working at home has been pretty easy. Luckily, we are in a business that is all cloud-based and on the internet, so I can do my work anywhere.


So what do you do at AMT?

Basically, I deal with anything money-related. I deal with day-to-day things like billing our customers and paying our carriers. I work with our team to make sure everything flows correctly from our TMS to our accounting program. I do all the financial reporting–daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. I handle our Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. I take care of the monthly credit card statements and bank statements. Pretty much anything that has to do with money.


What does a typical work day look like for you?

I work from my home in Lakewood Colorado. On mountain time, I work from 6AM to 3PM. I do the exact same stuff I would do in the office, but instead of being face to face with my coworkers, I have to call, send a Glip or an email, or do a screen share. I really have the same setup at home as I would in the office. It’s not all that different. With accounting, I sometimes need the quiet in order to concentrate on what I’m doing, so working from home has actually provided me the ability to focus more and get things done more quickly than I would be able in the office.


What apps, gadgets, etc. can you not live without at work?

Excel, Google Drive, RingCentral Phone/Glip.