Meet the Team: John McKinney

The holidays sure flew by, didn’t they! Hard to believe we’ve already begun a new decade. Here at AMT, we decided to start off the new year by introducing you to John (Moose) McKinney. John’s been with AM Transport for 23 years, so he’s a regular fixture in the office and a familiar face for some of our long-time customers.


Beer or wine?

Beer, of course. Budweiser is my favorite.


Skittles or M&Ms?



Favorite color?



Favorite music?

Pearl Jam is my favorite band, and they have been for a long time. I’ve never seen them in concert, but I love all their songs.


Favorite sports team?

The Dallas Cowboys are my all-time favorite sports team. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since I was a little kid. I even saw them play once against the Colts.


Married? Kids?

Yes, and yes. I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Heather, for 19 years. We have one son, Malcom, and he’s 12 years old.


How long have you been in transportation?

I started working in transportation about 23 years ago. AM Transport was still located in a small cabin on Vernor Lake when I began working there as a dispatcher. Back then, only three other people worked in the office.


What do you do at AM Transport?

I’m a carrier manager every morning from 6AM to 11AM. Then I change hats on the way to the hospital where I spend the rest of my work day with the patients on the 3rd floor of Carle Richland Memorial Hospital. The volunteer position is part of my job at AM Transport because we believe strongly in working in the community. I love the people on the third floor. I visit with them, and often we play cards or dominos. Sometimes we eat lunch together or watch a movie. And when the weather is nice, I take them outside to enjoy the sunshine.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Both my dad and Coach Mike Wilson told me, “Don’t ever change, just be yourself.” It’s great advice for young people growing up in a world where they are so often pressured to change.