Computer, trucks, planes and Top Ten Reasons to Outsource Your Logistics

Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Logistics

Here at AM Transport, we’ve been in the logistics business for 30 years, so it’s probably no surprise that we believe in outsourced logistics services. The industry is evolving all the time, and technology advancements are changing the way cargo is shipped. It’s never been more imperative for manufacturers and distributors to partner with experienced transportation professionals. Still need convincing? 


Here are the top 10 reasons to outsource your logistics!


  1. You are operating without a transportation management system (TMS) or with an old TMS. Either way, spreadsheets won’t cut it in today’s logistics world.


  1. You’re tired of inconsistent and unreliable service from logistics partners.


  1. You need custom solutions for your logistics needs such as multimodal shipping, expedited and hotshot services, final mile, job site, and white glove LTL.


  1. You are embarrassed by your outdated supply chain practices and losing customer respect because of service failures.


  1. Tired of reacting to transportation issues, you need more time to focus on your customers and to expand your business.


  1. Sourcing carriers is exposing you to excessive liabilities.


  1. Your freight budget is out of control, and you don’t know how to fix it.


  1. You’ve had it with a lack of visibility in your supply chain. This includes shipment tracking as well as reporting and forecasting.


  1. You are frustrated with the cost and hassle of taking care of your own logistics needs.


And the number one reason to outsource your logistics is:


  1. You and your customers are exhausted by the changes in the industry and the the lack of predictability in the freight market.


Here at AM Transport Services, we offer consistent and reliable truckload services according to unique customer requirements. We find qualified carriers, make necessary appointments, track shipments, notify customers of payment and delivery, pay carriers and invoice customers. We customize solutions and employ an integrated technology that streamlines communication and offers full visibility.


Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Outsource Logistics

to AM Transport Services!


  1. The team at AMT collaborates. Our experienced logistics professionals are cross-trained in all aspects of the logistics business to ensure we don’t miss a beat. Our “no-fail” attitude means we always find a solution!


  1. We study and invest in technology. In fact, we believe in technology so much that unlike our competitors, we do most of our tech work in house to provide customers with custom solutions.


  1. We don’t use voice mail. EVER. We always answer the phone from our office in southern Illinois. We understand that when there’s an issue, you don’t have the time to sit with a phone to your ear, punching numbers trying to get to the right extension.


  1. Longevity is important to us. We’re building a 100-year company. Our team members have been with us, on average, for 7 years. We aren’t looking to make a quick buck; we’re looking to forge relationships built on value. This includes mutual respect and exceptional customer service.


And the number 1 reason to outsource your logistics to the professionals 

at AM Transport Services is:


  1. With 30 years experience helping many different-sized companies in a variety of industries, we’ve seen it all. That kind of experience is invaluable because we use it to offer you proactive solutions to your logistics operations.


If you’d like more information about outsourcing your logistics, schedule a call today. We’ll explain our Logistics as a Service offering and how it can save you time and money!