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COVID 19 and Essential Logistics Services: We Can Help!

Are your logistics providers plagued by absenteeism or laying people off due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its continued impact?


We get it. COVID-19 is affecting logistics operations across the country. It’s wreaking havoc on our communities and our economy. People are scared of getting sick or scared of being laid off. Employers are scrambling to keep their businesses afloat while concentrating on the safety of their workforce.

If you’re a shipper of essential or critical goods, you are dealing with a myriad of concerns every day.


You need a logistics partner you can count on.


Here at AM Transport Services, we understand your pain, and we can help you weather this storm. The truth is, you don’t have time to track shipments and source carriers. That’s our job.

You see, we’re a small logistics company operating in southern Illinois. We’ve stayed small on purpose. Our size keeps us agile and personal. We get to know our customers and our carriers. Our business model is built on the deeply held belief that relationships are at the heart of all good businesses. So we spend a lot of time making sure our relationships are rock solid.

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t changed that. In fact, although the breadth and spread of the illness has been a shock and a surprise, we were uniquely prepared to  navigate the upheaval. You see, along with our determination to provide the best customer service, we’ve also studied, invested, and implemented the best technology over the years. 

And right now, our investment in technology is really paying off. Even though our logistics business is considered essential in the state of Illinois, we were determined to keep our team members safe. We know that right now, social distancing is the most important factor in the mitigation of this virus, so we began working from home. We’ve had the capabilities for a while now. And often team members worked from home when they had daycare issues or a sick child who couldn’t go to school, so it wasn’t a huge jump, but it has allowed us to stay consistent for our customers, and that’s a bonus.


What does the future hold for logistics?


We don’t have a clear sense of when the stay-at-orders will be lifted, or how long it will take our economy to bounce back. But  here at AM Transport, we are committed to continuing to offer outstanding outsourced logistics services to our customers.

We’re here to help essential manufacturers and distributors during the crisis and after. We know that many logistics providers are struggling to meet demand right now, and while we do not seek to capitalize on this terrible situation, we are here to help when you need us.


We provide logistics services for manufacturers and distributors who need the best!

This includes:

  • Consistent, reliable truckload freight services customized for your needs.


  • Integrated technology that streamlines communication and provides full visibility, access to important data, and powerful, move-the-needle reporting.


  • 24/7 communication. We answer our own phones. No voicemail or irritating phone trees to punch your way through.


  • 30 years of experience in the logistics industry. We have long-term relationships with the best small carriers in the business, and they want to work with your company.


  • A cross-trained, logistics team with a no-fail attitude. We simply do not let our customers or carriers down.


We’re here and we’re ready to help manufacturers and distributors through this difficult time. You’re too busy to react to transportation issues or worry about new regulations and excessive liabilities. Give us a call today for all your logistics needs.