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COVID-19 and the Future of Logistics: Logistics as a Service

How will COVID-19 change logistics operations?


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt logistics operations for a variety of reasons including old technology, employee absenteeism, a lack of resiliency and redundancy in the supply chain, lockdowns, and insufficient visibility into both the supply chain, as well as, important data. 

The disruption is real, but it is also highlighting fractures that already existed in supply chain services. Historically, manufacturers and distributors have understood logistics to be transactional. And while supply chain services are often a big ticket item in an organization’s budget,  logistics rarely has a seat at the table.

Frank McGuigan, writing for Talking Logistics explains, “Although executive teams understand that an efficient supply chain translates into cost savings, oftentimes logistics and supply chain professionals aren’t invited to C-suite discussions.” He further points out that the pandemic is an eye-opener for “the highest levels of organizations to prioritize logistics in order to optimize supply chains to maintain operations, contain costs, and keep businesses flowing.”


Outsourced Logistics Services


Here at AM Transport Services, we believe that shippers will increasingly (and probably at a more rapid pace due to the impact of COVID-19) see the necessity of outsourcing parts or all of their logistics. Technology, data, risk exposure, and regulatory needs will become more demanding, and as this occurs, shippers will look to expert logistics teams for both protection and added advantages over their competitors. 


Logistics as a Service


What is logistics as a service?


Logistics as a Service at AM Transport Services is, simply put, outsourced logistics solutions for manufacturers and distributors. We provide innovative and integrated technology, exceptional service, and a plan customized to your company’s needs.


Why do Shippers Seek Logistics as a Service?


  • They want to save money.  


  • They are thwarted by inaccessible data and the inability to make decisions.


  • They need help protecting their company from risks associated with regulations, safety, and law.


  • They’re tired of reacting to transportation issues and embarrassed by service failures.   


  • Simply put, customers want accountability, action, and cost savings.  


Accountability, Action, and Cost Savings


The first thing we’ll do is get to know you and your business; we’ll outline the objectives most important to YOU. It might be cost, service, communication or a combination of all. 

When we’ve agreed on the criteria, we share this with your transportation providers because we want them to have success with your company. Our Transportation Management System (TMS) is accessible, secure, and ultra flexible designed to provide you with move-the-needle reports and enhanced supply chain visibility which allows us to create reporting standards, reports, and dashboards in service to transparency across the board; that way everyone knows where they stand according to agreed-upon criteria. 

That’s accountability you can trust and depend on.


The logistics industry is always going to be vulnerable to disruption. But you can go a long way to mitigating the aggravation, frustration, and out-of-control costs when you work with a provider of managed freight services.

Schedule a call with the team at AM Transport Services today. Ask about Logistics as a Service, and how we can save you time and money.