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Forbes’ Small Giants Top 25 Small American Companies


At AM Transport, we are longtime fans of and proud members of the Small Giants Community. That’s why we’re proud to announce our inclusion on the Forbes’ Small Giants list. This annual list highlights 25 “privately owned companies whose commitment to greatness over fast growth has enabled them to best serve their customers, employees, and communities, all while maintaining profitability.”


We believe in these six qualities that Small Giants share.


From the Small Giants website~



Small Giants have a vision, a powerful mission statement, and core values that can be brought to life.



Small Giants are made up of servant leaders who believe in leading by values.



Small Giants foster a culture of intimacy by putting employees first, caring for them in the totality of their lives.



Small Giants believe in protecting their gross margins without compromising company values.



Small Giants cultivate meaningful relationships with customers, suppliers, and all stakeholders.



Small Giants understand the value of establishing deep roots in their community.


Small Giants Top 25


Being named to the 5th Annual Forbes’ Small Giants Top 25 Companies in America is something we’ve aspired to for a long time. The core values are how we live out our purpose in the logistics business. 

You see, there’s a difference between purpose-driven and profit-driven. When you work with a purpose-driven company, you are working with people who care, people for whom relationships are at the heart of doing business. 

Sure, profit is important, but it’s not the only reason we’re here. We love what we do. We enjoy helping manufacturers and distributors solve their logistics problems. We like making sure your freight delivers on-time, without hassles or damages because we care. 

And we love working with carriers too. In fact, we’ve been working with some of the same small carriers for 30 years, as long as we’ve been in business. Simply put, it’s more rewarding. 

And in the end, we all want to do meaningful work. Here at AM Transport Services, we succeed when you succeed. And that’s how we like it.


We’re grateful to Small Giants for the excellent work they do with small purpose-driven businesses and to Forbes for consistently highlighting the importance and necessity of small businesses.