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Outsource Logistics: You’ll Save Money and Time

Why do manufacturers and distributors outsource logistics?


  • Shippers outsource logistics when they need their freight picked up and delivered on time without damages.


  • Their freight budget is out-of-control, and they don’t have the necessary data or know-how to fix this.



  • A lack of visibility in their supply chain forces them to spend valuable time chasing down loads while hindering their ability to make cost-efficient decisions.



  • Inconsistent, unreliable service and a lack of communication from providers impedes their ability to focus on growing their business.


When you outsource logistics to a reliable and experienced 3PL like AM Transport Services, you receive consistent reliable truckload freight services according to your shipment requirements. You work with qualified carriers, your appointments are made, your shipments are tracked, and you and your customers are notified when freight delivers. In addition a good 3PL team will pay the carrier and invoice customers. Transportation technology provides an integrated system and streamlines communication while offering full visibility.


Why do manufacturers and distributors outsource logistics to AM Transport Services?


  • We put small, service-minded carriers on dedicated lanes and routes for customers because we know these excellent small businesses. These fleets have lower driver turnover, long business histories, and they want to work for you. They understand the value of long-term relationships.


  • When you outsource logistics to AMT, you avoid the ever-increasing costs associated with transportation technology. We provide 100% tracking, a state-of-the-art TMS powered by Salesforce, and an online portal that provides you with a one-stop-shop for your shipments. From invoices and BOLS to customized reports, our online portal is a window into knowledge.


  • We do not and never have used voicemail. When you outsource logistics, you deserve the best communication. To that end, when you call, you reach a live logistics professional every time. We know that if there’s an issue, you do not have time to sit on hold or punch your way up a phone tree.



When you outsource logistics to AMT, you save money and time.


Still not sure you’re ready to outsource logistics services? We get it. In most companies, logistics doesn’t even have a seat at the table, and that’s a problem because logistics operations are complicated, expensive, and they expose you to liability. When you work with AM Transport Services, we’ll save you money and time with our proven technology, our exceptional service, and our long-term relationships with the best small carriers in the industry. 


If you’re ready to know more about how we can help you, schedule a call today with the experts at AM Transport Services.