Picture of truck, highway with question: Do You need logistics as a service?

How to Know When You Need Logistics as a Service

Logistics as a Service: Outsourced Logistics

Managed freight and outsourced logistics, also known as Logistics as a Service, are big topics in the transportation industry. Access to advanced transportation technology including transportation management systems that provide security, flexibility, and accessibility is only one reason forward-thinking manufacturers and distributors work with 3PLs for Logistics as a Service. 

Logistics as a Service is simply put, outsourced logistics services that benefit you and your organization. It’s a combination of technology and customer service customized to your needs. Logistics as a Service provides you with the data you need to make informed decisions, the professional transportation experts who understand your lanes and routes, risk management in an ever-changing regulatory environment, and actual cost and time savings that you can take to the bank.

The question you may be asking yourself is Do we really need all of this? We’ve been running our own logistics operation for a long time. It’s not a bad question to ask every once in a while. 


Do you really  need Logistics as a Service?


Shipment Tracking 

How many shipments are you tracking right now? Do you have a system in place that enables you to access shipment location at any time? If you do not, how much time are you wasting calling carriers for shipment updates, tracking down your freight, updating your own customers as to shipment status?


At AM Transport, electronic logging devices, driver cell phones, and cellular based tracking devices ensure that we provide you real-time shipment locations 100% of the time.


Risk Mitigation 

Do you have a process to ensure carrier compliance? What are your onboarding steps and do they include fraud checks, the verification of FMCSA MC Authority status, insurance verification, and assessment of the carrier violation records and out-of-service history?


At AM Transport, our team of professional carrier representatives follow a strict process to ensure your freight is picked up and delivered by highly-rated, service-oriented carriers. Our process includes a check for adverse reports, verification of FMCSA Authority status, Insurance verification and a copy of the Certificate of Insurance, a thorough review of SMS violation records and out-of-service history as well as inspection data. Our thorough review leaves no stone unturned, and this means that you won’t have to deal with extra charges or excess liability incurred by any number of violations.


Transportation Management System 

Are you operating with an outdated TMS (or no TMS at all)? Did you know that a TMS can take care of carrier management, freight execution, visibility and so much more? You cannot fix what you cannot measure, and if you are not using an advanced, secure, and customizable TMS, you are missing out on cost and time savings.


The TMS at AM Transport is powered by Salesforce. Our TMS is mobile friendly, provides customized reporting, and offers shipment tracking, routing guides, and waterfall tendering. When you work with AM Transport Services, you gain the full power of our TMS and the data you need to make informed decisions.


Logistics as a Service at AM Transport Services

The transportation industry is changing rapidly. If you’re not challenged by the regulations and the new technology, you’re probably falling behind. If you’ve been handling logistics in-house, you’re spending a lot of time and money you could use to take your business to the next level. At AM Transport Services, we provide active shipment management, advanced and customized reporting, tracking of all shipments from pickup to delivery, carrier compliance and risk management, a streamlined freight bill and audit process, and the best TMS in the industry.

When you combine this with our stellar customer service and our commitment to customer and carrier satisfaction, you can’t go wrong. You can work with the big guys if you want, but when you work with a small and agile 3PL like AM Transport Services, you are working with a team of cross-trained colleagues. When you call, you’ll never get a phone tree or an answering service because we know you don’t have time to wait on hold. We’re here to help 24/7/365 days a year. And that’s the kind of service you deserve!