Picture of a truck with Consistent Capacity

Consistent Capacity in Tough Times: Freight Brokers Bridge the Gap

Tight Capacity

The summer freight market has continued to heat up with July hotter than June.  According to Seth Holm, in a recent article on FreightWaves, “there are no signs of any sort of typical seasonality this year” and the Outbound Tender Volume Index “has crossed into uncharted territory by climbing higher than the March panic-buying spree” at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the same time, the Outbound Tender Reject Index (OTRI) continues to increase with carriers rejecting more loads than they have since the summer of 2018. How does this affect manufacturers and distributors?

Unfortunately, it’s a capacity issue, and we all know what happens when capacity gets tight. Your freight budget goes through the roof. As trucks become harder and harder to find, you pay more for less. And it’s an unending loop. 

What you need is consistent capacity at a consistent price.


Freight Brokers Bridge the Gap

Small freight brokerages like AM Transport services work year round with excellent carriers. Our team of experienced professionals get to know the small fleets who make up the majority of capacity. We know where the capacity is, so when things get tight, we know who to call.

Here’s how we do it.

Small carriers

We have access to over 10,000 licensed, reliable, small and service-oriented carriers. In the logistics business for over 30 years, we’ve created long-lasting relationships with these carriers, and they want to work for reliable manufacturers and distributors like you. AMT is a quick-pay broker and our carriers know that when hiccups happen, we always pay detention.  Our carriers are committed and love working with us, but don’t take our word for it, check out our Google Reviews.


24/7 Service

We are great in a pinch. Christmas Eve or a typical day in the office, we answer our phones 24/7. If you have a hot shipment, we’re there to find those last minute trucks you need. 


Consistent Rates

We stick by our rates. We don’t promise a rate that goes up when capacity gets tight. When we give you a rate, that’s the rate you’ll be charged even when it means a lower margin for us. We do what’s right, even when it hurts.


No Give-Back Policy

We don’t give loads back. And that’s why the manufacturers and distributors we’re lucky to work with stick around. Our give-back rate hovers around .4%. Check out this case study to learn more about our no-give-back policy and what a difference it makes.


Real-Time Tracking

We provide real-time tracking of over 90% of our loads. We know where you freight is from pickup to delivery and that provides you with the peace of mind you deserve.


Brokers like AM Transport Provide Consistent Capacity and Reliable Rates

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the freight market. And all indicators point to high freight volumes and tightening capacity. That means higher rates and diminished service. If you’re experiencing these difficulties, think about working with a freight broker who has your best interests at heart. When you work with AM Transport Services, we’ll make sure you get fair, consistent rates and reliable services with the best small carriers around.


Don’t lose time and money chasing carriers and rates, give us a call today and get ahead of the curve.