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Save Money and Time: Call a Smaller but Better Freight Broker

COVID-19 Sheds Light on Big Freight Broker Struggles

Recent reports about a large brokerage and its refusal (in spite of an uptick in COVID-19 cases) to allow employees to work remotely, have us shaking our heads. It’s a no-brainer, really.

Here at AM Transport Services, we’ve had the capacity to work-from-home for years. Before the early days of the pandemic, we used this capacity when we had child-care or home-repair issues, but when COVID-19 hit, we went home. 

And we didn’t miss a beat. Because we’re small and agile. 

Here’s the thing–big brokers have their place. They’ll woo you with their resources, their expensive technology, and their brand name. But what they’ll never tell you is that sometimes their mammoth size is a hindrance. Take, for instance, the pandemic. It’s much more difficult to send 1000 employees home than it is to send 20 people home. Especially when these 1000 (or more) employees do not know one another. They’re not working together, they’re working on a commission schedule that demands competition.


A Small Freight Broker Offers Unique Advantages

In contrast, a smaller freight broker like AM Transport Services values collaboration. Our team members work together to make sure you are satisfied. Our motto is the less you have to deal with, the better. We work in the background, taking care of your logistics needs, so you’re not finding trucks, checking insurance and regulations, and tracking freight. It’s what we do, and we’re good at it.

This spring, AM Transport Services was named to the Forbes’ Small Giants Top 25 Small Companies in America list because years ago, we decided that excellence was more important than size. But what does that look like? How does our smaller size benefit the manufacturers and distributors we work with?


A Small Freight Broker Might Be Better, and Here’s Why:



With big brokers, you always hear about their excessive resources. What you don’t hear about is their difficulty responding quickly due to the allocation of those resources in bigger, time-consuming projects. Smaller companies are leaner, have fewer operating expenses, and this means that we can allocate resources to new projects, giving us quicker response and development times.



Smaller companies are more nimble. Because we’re not people and department heavy, decisions can be made quickly and decisively. AM Transport is a flat organization. This means we don’t have a large decision-making hierarchy. Our team members (average tenure–7 years) are cross-trained in all aspects of the logistics business. They are experts, and they have the autonomy to make and execute decisions.



Because our team is small, we collaborate rather than compete with one another. This collaboration and common cause–to make our customers’ and carriers’ lives better–translates into a creative and innovative mindset. Big companies with levels and levels of bureaucracy are hindered by the ponderous channels new ideas must progress through.


Small Freight Brokers Like AMT Provide a Lot of Bang for Your Buck


Back to that large company who refused to send its employees home. Here at AMT, we knew that our customers and carriers were going to need us more than ever during the early days of the pandemic. And we were right. We made the decision to go home not only to protect our team, but also to protect your businesses. We knew we needed all hands on deck.

We were able to do that because we’re smaller than the big guys. We haven’t been spending all our resources trying to grow. Instead, we’ve invested in being better. That means we have the best technology, the best customer service, and we work with the best customers and carriers in the business.

If you’d like to know the variety of ways a smaller freight broker can benefit your business, schedule a call today.