Picture of Jakob Boulb: Meet the AM Transport Family

Meet the Team: Jakob Boulb

Jakob Boulb is the youngest full-time member of the AM Transport team. He’s been with us for about a 1 1/2 years. Jakob is pretty quiet, but he has a dry sense of humor and he’s a whiz with the camera!




Music: Quinn XCII

Show: Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Performer: SonReal (he is great in concert)

Podcast: Rooster Teeth Podcast

Sports: No thank you.

Color:  Ultra Violet Purple

Beer or Wine:  Am I allowed to answer this question since I’m not 21?

Skittles or M&Ms:  M&Ms; Skittles are for losers.

Power Ranger: Optimus Prime


What do you think about while driving? or what are you listening to?

I think about my future and life goals, and I am usually listening to Quinn XCII.


If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be?

Definitely a cow, just eating and chillin’ in a field would be awesome.


What’s the best Christmas gift you ever received? How about the best Christmas gift you’ve ever given?

I received a really nice camera strap from a girlfriend’s parents. And I gave my aunt a deep fryer.


How did you end up working for AM Transport Services?

I did an interview at a high school job fair, and here we are.


What do you do at AMT?

I’m currently learning the Carrier Representative role in order to better understand how to help technology-wise.


What apps, gadgets, etc. can you not live without at work?

Spotify helps me stay mellow.


Married? Kids?

No and No.


If someone gifted you an elephant, what would you do with it?

Try to sell it to someone else.


Any thoughts on garden gnomes?

I love them, but there is something fishy about them.


How do you recharge?

Go on a one-wheel ride.


What are you currently reading? What do you recommend?

I haven’t read a book since high school.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Stop being so worried, life will always keep going.