This is a picture of a truck with the headline: Outsourced Logistics: This is how we do it.

Outsourced Logistics: Here’s How We Do It.

We’ve heard it many times: 


We don’t work with freight brokers. 

Freight brokers are middlemen.

We prefer providers with assets.

Freight brokers like you are too expensive.


Sometimes the person uttering these well-worn phrases means it. They believe that they do not need or want to work with freight brokers. And other times they simply do not have time to talk to another broker hoping to gain their business. After all, logistics gets more complicated, more expensive, more time-consuming every day. Advanced technology along with new regulations and worries about dropped loads, service failures, and unhappy customers probably has you running on empty already. 


We get it.


Outsourced Logistics


Over the past 30 years, we’ve provided outsourced logistics services for lots of manufacturers and distributors in the midwest and other areas of the country. Small and large companies tired of service failures, dropped loads, excessive liabilities and the added expenses always hidden in low, low rates. 

Let us repeat that last bit–the added expenses always hidden in low, low rates. If you’re rate-shopping, you know what we’re talking about.


The answer to rate-shopping is outsourced logistics.


Too often businesses make the mistake of going for low rates that can end up costing twice as much. Think about it–how many times has a low, low rate been busted by your need to rebook it at the last minute for a premium rate? We’re betting you’ve been caught in that trap more than once.

Here at AM Transport Services, we understand how important it is to predict your freight spend. That’s why our team works 24/7, behind the scenes, so you don’t have to worry about logistics, so you can spend your valuable time on growing your business.


Here’s how we do outsourced logistics:


  • We get to know you. In this business, relationships matter. We ask a lot of questions in order to best serve your unique needs. 


  • We get to know your lanes and your network, and then we put small, service-oriented fleets on dedicated lanes and routes for you. You see we have long-term relationships with a core group of carriers that have a low driver turnover rates, long business histories, and excellent reputations. You never have to worry about capacity or dropped loads.


  • Our team is experienced and cross-trained in all aspects of the business. We provide a single point of contact, excellent communication (this means we answer our phones 24/7/365 days a year–no phone trees, no voicemail), and the right technology for your needs.


  • We operate behind the scenes. We schedule the appointments and track your freight from pickup to delivery. We provide updates and give you access to an online portal where you can access reports, data, and load information. And we take care of all the paperwork. This alone saves you money and precious time.


  • We take care of problems before they occur. That way, you’re never surprised by those added costs that bust your budget.


The truth is you’re not saving money when you shop for the lowest rate. You save money and time when you work with a freight broker who gets to know you and your needs, who puts the right carriers to work for you, and who hustles behind the scenes so you can do the work you were meant to do. That’s outsourced logistics, the AMT way.