International Roadcheck 2020: September 9-11

Roadcheck = Less Capacity


Be prepared for a tightening of capacity during the week  beginning September, as this year’s International Roadcheck is scheduled for September 9-11. The three day blitz will most definitely result in a decrease in capacity with inspectors focusing on “the driver requirements component of a roadside inspection.”

Each year during the annual roadcheck, some carriers will choose to sit the three days out rather than take the chance on inspection violations while others will be put out of service due to regulations.


This Year’s Roadcheck


The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) hopes to “highlight the importance” of driver requirements as part of the roadside inspection process.

What does this include? Inspectors will be required to check a driver’s license (including class, endorsements, and restrictions), a record of duty status, illegal presence of alcohol, drugs, weapons, or contraband, illness or impairment, seat belt usage, inspection evidence, carrier ID and status (USDOT/NSC Number), operating authority, registration,  and proof of insurance among other requirements.

For more information you can download the 2020 International Roadcheck driver requirements focus area flyer here.

During International Roadcheck CVSA-certified inspectors conduct the North American Standard Level I Inspection which includes two main categories: an examination of driver requirements as well as a check of vehicle mechanical fitness.

The driver portion of the inspection will require verification of driver documents including license, record of duty status and inspection reports. Drivers who are operating without proper credentials, in violation of HOS rules, or showing signs of impairment can be placed out of service.

During the vehicle portion, a  full vehicle inspection that includes brake systems, cargo securement, exhaust systems, fuel systems, among others, will be conducted. If a critical inspection item meets the North American Standard Out-of-Service Criteria during a vehicle inspection, the vehicle will be placed out of service until violations are corrected.


AM Transport Works with the Best Carriers in the Industry


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