Top 10 Reasons to Work with a Freight Broker during (and after) a Pandemic

It’s been a little over five years since the last episode of Late Show with David Letterman aired in May 2015. And during the last episode of the long running show, a group of 9 funny people  (plus Peyton Manning) delivered the last ever Top 10 List–Top 10 Things I Always Wanted to Say to Dave. If you miss the show, I suggest you give it a look. If you want, you can go down the rabbit hole and watch a bunch of them because they’re all on YouTube.  (that’s what I did–you can waste an hour or two that way . . .)


Anyway, in honor of binge watching old David Letterman Top 10 Lists, I thought we’d do one here on the blog. We’ll call it: 


Top 10 Reasons to Work with Freight Broker during (and after) a Pandemic


  1. Technology! Technology! Technology! You don’t have a TMS or you’re working with an old TMS. Spreadsheets aren’t the answer. Good tech is!


  1. Your freight budget is out of control due to capacity shortages, and you’re interested in dynamic pricing or mini bids.


  1. Your customers are tired of not knowing where their freight is. You’ve been working with carriers who don’t offer real-time tracking, and you need that sort of visibility.


  1. You’ve noticed that during this time of capacity shortages, your providers are giving back loads, sometimes late in the day. This means you are scrambling to get your loads covered, and paying premium rates to boot.


  1. A freight broker keeps you one step removed from excessive liabilities you experience when sourcing your own carriers.


  1. The pandemic has exposed your out-dated supply chain practices, and if you want to weather this storm and grow your business, you need experienced help.


  1. The growth of e-commerce is changing the shipping industry, and you need custom solutions such as multimodal shipping, expedited and hotshot services, final mile, job site, and white glove LTL.


  1. You are tired of reacting to transportation issues and need a proactive provider that takes care of issues before they occur!


  1. Rate-shopping and transactional relationships only work when you can find trucks easily! You need a better method, one that will help you during good times and bad!


  1. You need access to reliable, consistent, and safe carriers.


No, our Top 10 List isn’t funny like David Letterman’s Top 10 Lists; however, it probably rings true if you are in need of better supply chain practices. Here at AM Transport, we’ve been helping shippers just like you for 30 years. We don’t give back loads, we offer creative solutions like dynamic pricing, our state-of-the-art technology offers you simplicity of service and real-time tracking, and we have access to small and midsize carriers you won’t find on your own.

If capacity shortages and rate hikes due to the pandemic have you down, give us a call today. Our experienced team members will get your freight on the road and save you time and money too!