Why You Want Sally on Your Team!

Who’s Sally?

So it’s been a pretty nice autumn, right. And the past couple of weekends have been really beautiful with warm, sunny Saturdays that just make you want to get outside. At least that’s how one of our team members (I’m going to call her Sally) felt when she woke up early a few Saturdays ago. She had plans to take a long walk and maybe hit the pumpkin patch in the afternoon with her kids. That is until she got a call from an important customer who had 30 loads to move pronto.

First of all, do you know how strange it is to call your freight broker early on Saturday and to get her on the phone? But that’s how we do things at AM Transport. Our team members share the phones on the weekend because we don’t have voicemail. We understand that when you call, you want to talk to a person. So yeah, Sally answered the phone, and her Saturday plans went out the window because she had thirty important loads to get on the road.

Here’s the unique thing about the folks who work at AM Transport. Even though Sally has the capability to work at home, she decided to go into the office, so she called the rest of the team, and they came in too. You see, we have great technology, but the truth is we like working together. We like the energy. And if you’d been there in our office that Saturday you’d have liked it too. 

Wanna know how it turned out?

Well, Sally worked a good ten hours that Saturday, and the rest of the team pitched in and they got those thirty loads covered. Every one of them because that’s the way we work. We’re committed to our customers. Sally is committed to our customers. 


A Different Kind of Freight Broker

Lots of brokers are going to try to sell you on their great technology, and sure it’s a bonus. We have advanced technology too, but where we really shine is Sally. You see, here at AM Transport, we’re people-powered, and you can’t beat the service-oriented focus of a real person who listens to what you need and makes it happen. 


When you work with AM Transport:


  • Sally takes your calls 24/7/365 days a year. 


  • Sally doesn’t return loads–ever. 



  • Sally works on Saturday, so you don’t have to.



Here at AM Transport Services, every person on our team is a Sally.

If you want to work with Sally, and why wouldn’t you, give us a call today.