Why Logistics Managers Like Working with Freight Brokers

Logistics Managers

With more than 17,000 freight brokers currently working in the United States, you’d think it would be easy to find one to match your needs. But the truth is if you’re a logistics manager, you’re busy. You are tendering loads, chasing trucks, picking up the pieces when loads are returned, worrying about detention and freight bills, not to mention keeping up with production, scheduling, and a gazillion other things. It’s no wonder you haven’t found a good freight broker.

In fact, every time you think you’ve found a freight broker who promises rock bottom pricing and high service levels, you’re disappointed and soured on the whole deal because they miss their appointments, give back loads, or worse show up with damaged freight and are turned away.

You don’t have time for any more headaches, so you do everything yourself. We get it; we talk to lots of transportation managers with the same set of problems. And here’s what we believe. Something’s got to give.

Freight Brokers

Did you know that 90% of Fortune 500 companies use a freight broker for some or all of their shipments? Sure, you might believe that because you’re smaller, you don’t need this kind of help. But here at AM Transport, we specialize in working with manufacturers and distributors just your size. We’ve been helping companies just like yours with their logistics needs for over 30 years.

So why do logistics managers like working with AM Transport Services?


Logistics managers who work with AM Transport Services:


  • Value their time over dangerously low rates. We don’t always have the lowest rate; we own this up front. But we’re also not going to give back loads. We operate under a no-give-back policy. When you work with AMT, we take care of the entire process from finding carriers and making appointments to tracking your load from pickup to delivery, and everything in between.




  • Put a premium on communication. When you work with us, you’ll have one point of contact, but here’s the kicker–everyone here can help. We’re cross-trained and committed to customer satisfaction. And we answer our own phones. Not just during business hours, but 24/7/365 days a year. You’ll never get an answering service or have to work your way up a phone tree.


The right freight broker can make a difference in your bottom line. If you want peace of mind and more time to focus on your business; if you appreciate relationships and ease of communication, give us a call at 618-395-4880. We’ve been helping logistics managers for 30 years, and we’d like to help you.