How many candy bars do you need?

How to find the best broker and still enjoy that candy bar.

A New Candy Bar Scenario


You remember Merle, our comfortable gray-haired friend with a taste for candy bars. Back when we last visited Merle, he was leaving his office every day at 3:00, plodding down the stairs from his second-floor office, and heading to the gas station across the street for his daily Snickers bar.

Well, Merle’s changed things up a bit. But, as we’ll soon see, he’s still addicted to candy bars, and he’s still flubbing his candy bar buy.


Variety, Size, and Calories?


Merle’s wife Candy (yes, her name is Candy) noticed that Merle was getting a little pudgy around the middle, and she suggested he sub out his full-size Snickers for the small snack-sized Snickers. Merle agreed, and at the same time, he thought he’d add a little variety to his candy bar diet with a mixed bag.

At first it worked. Merle didn’t like all the candy bars, so he left several in the bottom of the bag, but eventually, even those candy bars appealed to him. And much to Candy’s chagrin, Merle’s pudginess became more pronounced. He wasn’t eating fewer candy bars. He was eating more candy bars. He was ingesting more calories than ever because those little candy bars were so good.

Turns out, Merle compounded his candy bar problem.


Too many brokers?


This is a logistics blog, and here’s the turn you’re waiting for. How many brokers are you working with? We ask this question because it might make a difference in your bottom line. Let me explain.

We talk to a lot of shippers, and often we find that when they’re shopping rates, they send their lanes to 20 or 30 brokers. It seems like a good idea, right? Let’s talk about why it’s not.

When you send a bunch of lanes to 20 or 30 brokers, it’s very likely they’re contacting some of the same carriers. When these carriers are asked for quotes on these same lanes by more than one broker, they see capacity tightening, and they raise their prices. In essence, you create competition for your own lanes.

A better bet–work with one or two brokers who have your best interests at heart. Spend time cultivating relationships with these brokers, so they get to know you and your lanes. That’s where you reap the most benefits from working with a freight broker.


Working with AM Transport


Here at AM Transport, we work with the best small carriers in the transportation industry. We have long-term relationships with these fully-vetted and insured carriers. They have low driver turnover and they want to work with you. And when you work with us, you also get peace of mind. We’re tracking your freight from pickup to delivery, and we are available 24/7/365 days a year. If you have a question just call or email, and we’ll be there. We don’t have voice mail, and we don’t use phone trees.


Merle is a great guy, but in this instance, don’t be like Merle with too many candy bars, excess calories, and an ever-expanding waistline. Give the logistics experts at AM Transport a call. We’ll save you time and money. That’s a promise.