Looking Forward to the New Year!

It’s hard to believe we are halfway through the first month of 2021. No matter where you stand, it’s pretty easy to agree that 2020 was a year of upheaval and difficulty for many people. The end of the year was rife with social media memes kicking the old year out.

While we don’t like to wish years away, here at AM Transport, we are pretty excited about 2021. We were ready to hit January running, working together to provide customers and carriers with the best logistics experience possible.  We’re grateful to continue the long-term relationships at the heart of our business. We’re looking forward to a bright spring, to the continued distribution of the COVID vaccine, and to spending some time this summer in our beer garden.

In honor of the new year, we decided to share the events, hopes, and endeavors we’re most excited about as 2021 gets underway. And a few of us even have resolutions!


Here’s what we’re looking forward to!


Zac Egleston:

I’m looking forward to being done with the new house, so we can move into it. Also, I’m getting married in April, so I guess that’s also exciting.

Dallas Racklin:

In 2021, I’m looking forward to watching some of my best friends get married. I’m not big on resolutions because I can barely remember what I had for lunch the prior day, so I doubt I’d remember my resolutions. Haha.

Chad Martin:

I’m looking forward to making a trip back down to see friends in Florida. And I’m planning a trip out to Southern Utah!

Justin Hatten:

I’m looking forward to having a baby girl in May!

Colby Shawver:

I’m taking part in the 1st Phorm Body Transformation contest. $50,000 payout. I needed something to get me motivated. I guess we will see what happens.

I am also looking forward to a normal year at the pumpkin patch. We just purchased a baby camel, so that should be fun to have out there.

Most of us in the office are taking part in a push-up challenge. So far we have 13 people. The challenge is to do as many push-ups as you can in a day. We are going to dry and do this for at least a month.




Hannah Thomas:

I want to watch less TV and read more.

Also, I’m planning on walking more. However, I will not have much choice in that because I just moved to town and have no fenced-in yard for my three dogs.

Erik Jensen:

My resolution is to have a bigger family. This should occur any minute.

David Abell:

My mantra for 2021 is FOCUS.  2020 has shown the world it’s okay to slow down, and I want to continue that trend with even more focus and intention than I did in 2020.

Derek Walker:

My resolution for the year is to largely cut social media out of my life! Deleting accounts and streamlining my apps, so I’m more productive and focused. There will be some exceptions of course, but the main goal is to spend drastically less time on my phone.

Jakob Boulb:

I have a resolution to eat at home more and to spend more time outside when the weather is nice.

Michael McKinney:

I am going to do another 100 mile trail race this year. I haven’t picked it out yet, but am looking forward to the challenge of training and doing the race again.

Meditate daily with my youngest, D.

Attend all of my daughter, Chloe’s, tennis matches.

Read a minimum of an hour a day (on average).

Play golf with my oldest, Maddi, weekly (when the weather gets nice).

Go on a monthly date with my lovely wife, Brandy.



What about you?


Do you have any resolutions for the new year? Anything you’re looking forward to? Big plans? We’d love to hear more about what the new year is looking like for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!