Job Site Deliveries: People Make the Difference

You remember Big Digital? They’ve been on the scene for a while. They tout technology (Big Digital is an app), low prices (because they aren’t paying real people to keep track of your freight), and ease of use (you can access them on your phone, your computer, etc.). For logistics managers tired of dealing with traditional freight brokers on job site deliveries, Big Digital seemed like a great solution.

Until it wasn’t.


Big Digital and Job Site Deliveries


Here’s what happened to a new customer of ours. We’ll call him Monte. Monte hadn’t had a lot of luck with traditional freight brokers on his job site deliveries. The lack of communication drove him crazy. He was always chasing his freight, trying to figure out where it was and when it would deliver. 

When Big Digital came on the scene, he decided to give them a try. And here’s what he found out almost immediately. That low, low quoted rate never matched the invoice. He was always charged more than he thought he would be charged. When you deliver to a job site, there are often accessorial charges for special equipment and other necessities. And unfortunately, when you work with Big Digital, those extra charges are not included in the rate quote. 

And there were always problems with both his pickups and deliveries. Monte was frustrated. Working with Big Digital was supposed to save him money and time, and instead he ended up busting his budget and putting out fires.


Job Site Delivery Requirements


That’s where Monte was when our sales representative, Sally, happened to call him. He was ready to talk, but he was upfront with Sally. He hadn’t had a lot of luck with traditional brokers for his job site deliveries, and he was at his wit’s end.

Sally told him she understood and explained to him that job site deliveries require a lot more overview than regular deliveries. She told him that AM Transport Services is the leading job site delivery provider in the midwest. 

Monte wanted to know what made AM Transport so good at job site deliveries. 


Job Site Deliveries the AMT Way


You see, job site deliveries require a higher degree of carrier vetting. And AM Transport has been in the logistics business for 30 years, specializing in job site deliveries. That means we have long-term relationships with carriers that know the ins and outs of job site deliveries. We also have long-term relationships with warehousing managers, logistics managers, and consignees all along the supply chain. It’s why we’re considered the best at what we do.

But that’s not all. Sally explained to Monte that job site deliveries often require special requirements, a variety of permits, and knowledge of the physical details of every delivery and pickup. And that’s why when we quote a job site delivery, your invoice will match. We aren’t running blind, we know what goes into the delivery and it goes into your quote.

We quoted a job for Monte, and he gave us a shot.


Job Site Deliveries Require People


Here’s what Big Digital can’t offer you: an operations team that goes to work from minute one, an operations team comprised of experienced, highly-trained professionals who answer their own phones. Ah, that’s another thing Monte was missing when he worked with Big Digital–communication. 

The operations team at AM Transport knows how to communicate. In fact, we’re a force to be reckoned with. First of all, we answer our own phones, 24/7/365 days a year. You’ll never get voicemail because we don’t have it. You’ll never have to work your way up through a phone tree because that’s not how we operate. When you call, you’ll get a real, live, logistics expert on the other end.

And while you’ll receive a single point of contact for your freight, you’ll also get the redundancy of a team that collaborates and cooperates. In our office, we work together on everything. We’ve got great energy because relationships with each other, with our customers, and with our carriers are at the heart of everything we do.


Happy Endings and New Beginnings


So back to Monte. It’s a happy ending, or should we say beginning, for all of us. That first job site delivery came off without a hitch. Our operations team swung into work and they were in constant communication with Monte. And Monte wasn’t surprised by his invoice! Because it was all in the quote. Monte found out that working with real people who understand job site deliveries made all the difference in his experience.  Now he’s a regular customer.


Take it from Monte, you deserve to work with the folks at AM Transport, the best job site delivery provider in the midwest.