It’s a Win-Win: Brokers in the Middle

A little story to set things up.


Once upon a time, in a small town in southern Illinois, a group of people worked together at AM Transport Services to make sure midwestern manufacturers and distributors worked with the best small-to-midsize carriers in the logistics industry. They were committed to offering reasonable and reliable rates. These men and women were dedicated to taking care of customer freight needs: to book, track, and deliver loads, to provide the necessary technology and communication, and to make the process as simple as possible.  

The lucky manufacturers and distributors who worked with this premier freight broker knew when their loads were going to pick up and deliver, and they knew the invoice would match the quoted rates. They had peace of mind, a predictable freight budget, and time to grow their businesses. It turns out, you  save a lot of money and can get a lot done if you’re not worried about logistics.


Don’t lump all freight brokers together.


Freight brokers often get a bad rap for reasons they sometimes deserve (not vetting carriers properly, excessive additional charges) and for some reasons they do not. Take for instance the events of 2020 when rates plummeted and many folks blamed brokers rather than a simple case of supply and demand

The freight broker is often seen as the middle man (or woman). And history isn’t kind to the middle man. From biblical times to the present, we often see the middle man as someone who takes advantage of a situation, someone trying to make a profit at someone else’s expense. And there are instances where this is true, of course.

But there’s another truth, and this one is important if you want to grow your business. You see, freight brokers, at least the ones you want to work with, use their unique position in the middle to match manufacturers and distributors like you with the right carriers for your needs. 

Take the team at AM Transport, for example. Our carrier representatives spend a lot of time getting to know the carriers we work with. If you have a job site delivery that requires specialized equipment, our team can hook you up with a carrier best suited for that job. By the same token, if you suddenly have 20 loads that need to go out today, we can do that too because we have the core carrier base and the team in the office to make it happen.

The carriers we work with have long business histories, excellent equipment, and low driver turnover. Their safety records are unparalleled in the industry.  These small carriers with fleets of one to 100 trucks are the backbone of our great industry, but they’re hard for you to find. 

You see, they don’t have a strong online presence or an abundance of new technologies–they’re doing what they do best, hauling freight. That’s where your logistics partner matters. It’s where AM Transport Services, a full-service freight broker, can make a difference in how quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively your loads are booked, shipped, and delivered.

Carriers like working with AM Transport for several reasons. First of all, we offer quick pay. It’s the best way to show these hard working carriers that we appreciate them. They shouldn’t have to wait to be paid for the work they did two weeks ago. In addition to quick pay, we have great technology that’s customizable, accessible, and desktop, tablet, and smartphone supported. 

Finally, our team is simply the best logistics team in the midwest. We are available 24/7/365 days a year because we don’t have voicemail. We answer our own phones, so if you need something, we’re here. Drivers can call if they have a problem, a question, or if they are just waiting and want to talk to someone.


It’s a Win-Win with AMT

Here at AM Transport, we operate under a win-win mentality. Being in the middle has its advantages. And the biggest advantage is that we’re in the position to make sure our customers and our carriers succeed. We work hard for the manufacturers and distributors who trust us with their freight.  and for the carriers who pickup and deliver in a timely, safe, and efficient manner.


We’re not a big broker. We’re a small family-owned business, but we’ve been in transportation for 30 years. The experience and the relationships we have are invaluable. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, we’d love to help you with your freight needs. You deserve the best.