You Need Logistics Team!

Big Brand and Just-in-Time Freight


Our sales rep, Sally, just happened to call Kevin when he needed help the most. Kevin was working with one of the big brand-name brokers because he was sold on their name. He couldn’t pick up a logistics magazine and not see Big Brand’s name. They had everything–technology, a great digital platform, and tons of resources.

But Kevin found out pretty quickly the one thing Big Brand didn’t have was an experienced team.

When Sally called to see if Kevin wanted to talk about working with AMT, Kevin had 15 just-in-time loads to move, and his contact at Big Brand was no longer on the job. When Kevin called the 15 loads in, he was put on hold. He waited and waited until finally he was told his account had been transferred to another agent who would be calling shortly.

Kevin didn’t have time to wait. Just-in-time loads help lower inventory and storage costs because they arrive at their destination just when they are needed. But when they don’t arrive on-time problems arise. You see, if these loads are late, production stalls, lines shut down, and people are sent home. 

If you’re Kevin, this costs your customers money, and it’s a waste of your precious time.

Lucky for Kevin, Sally called, and our team was ready to help. Here at AM Transport Services, we’re experienced with JIT freight. We’ve been handling job-site deliveries for over 30 years because we have the best TEAM in the business. Kevin gave us a chance because he needed the freight to go out that day, and our team went to work–together, and got the job done.


The difference between a team and a brand.


The difference between a team like AM Transport and Big Brand is experienced logistics professionals (the average tenure of our team members is 7 years) working together for customers and carriers. Here at AM Transport, we’re big enough to do any job, but small enough that every team member knows all aspects of our business. Our team members are cross-trained out of necessity and have the knowledge and the autonomy to make split-second decisions. We provide a redundancy that can’t be matched by bigger organizations.

And while Big Brand has technology with lots of bells and whistles, we have our tech team in house. We’re not sending trouble tickets across campus (or to an offsite location in another country), we’re walking across the office to find a solution now. Technology is only as good as the folks who know how to use it to ensure the best logistics experience for customers.


In 2021, you deserve a team.


If you’re shipping freight, we can help. The COVID-19 pandemic created a lot of upheaval in the logistics industry in 2020, and experts believe 2021 will offer more of the same. One way you can navigate the constant change is to work with an experienced logistics team. It’s easy to think a brand name 3PL offers the best bang for your buck, but don’t make that mistake. When you work with AM Transport Service, you get real people who answer their own phones 24/7/365 days a year. If you’re like Kevin, you can’t wait for Big Brand to call you back,  you need solutions now.