How to save money on LTL in 30 days.

If you don’t know there’s a problem, you can’t fix it.

Here at AM Transport, Sally gets the chance to talk to a lot of great people. Take, Margie, for instance.  Margie is the logistics manager for a small manufacturer in the midwest. Sally really enjoyed getting to know Margie who’s been working in logistics for the past ten years or so. She’s super smart, educated, and has a wicked sense of humor (and so does Sally).

As Sally and Margie talked, they began to discuss the freight Margie sends LTL. Sally doesn’t mind taking the time to find out what our customers need, and how we can help. Margie admitted to Sally that she loved creating the LTL shipments online–it was pretty simple to do, didn’t take much time, and the rates were great–but she never saw the invoice. 

“So if you never see the invoice, how do you know that you’re really getting that low rate?” Sally asked.

It’s a great question, and not one Margie had given much thought to.

“If you give me a month’s worth of LTL invoices, we can run a no-cost, no-obligation assessment on your LTL to show you how much money we can save you,” Sally told Margie. “It’s a win-win for you whatever the outcome. Either we save you money or you know for sure you have the best available rates and your supply chain is optimized.”

Margie thought it was a long shot, but she submitted the invoices. You probably know where we’re going with this story; yes, Margie was surprised by the savings. She had no idea there was so much room for improvement.


You can save money on LTL in 30 days.

Here’s something lots of LTL shippers don’t know. That upfront rate you’re given doesn’t take into account accessorial and other charges. You can’t estimate weight; if a carrier has to reweigh your freight, you’re charged for it. By the same token, if you’re estimating dimensions and they’re wrong, you’re charged for it. 

Freight class can be a problem. Special rules apply to certain products–what they can or cannot be shipped with, handling, temperature, etc. If you don’t have the correct freight class and NMFC code, you will be charged for that too. And let’s not forget the need for special pickup or delivery instructions, and the need for special equipment like a liftgate. All of these costs are added to the invoice, and suddenly that low upfront rate has busted your budget.

When you work with a freight broker like AMT, we’ll make sure those extra charges don’t apply because we know what we’re doing. We can save you time and money on your LTL. Just ask Margie.

Don’t waste any more time or money on LTL, give us a call and we’ll set you up with a risk-free, no obligation, no-cost assessment of your LTL, and you can start saving money in a few short weeks.