This is a picture of the beer garden at AM Transport Services.

Find out what a beer garden can tell you about your freight broker.

What’s a beer garden got to do with logistics?

The photograph above gives you a nice backyard view of the AMT beer garden. Envisioned a couple of years ago, this beer garden was brought to life by some of the more creative members of our team. From erecting the pergolas, bricking a natural gas fire pit and building picnic tables to laying artificial turf grass and spreading the sand that keeps it anchored, the project was manned and completed by the super-talented and dedicated folks at AMT. 

I’m fairly good at putting together a filing cabinet or a bed frame, but the beer garden project continues to amaze me. And it’s one of the reasons you should consider working with a small, local company like AM Transport.

So just exactly how does our beer garden translate into better service for manufacturers, distributors, and carriers?


We work together.

The beer garden came together because the team at AMT works together. Not everyone can put a picnic table together, but the guys who could did a fantastic job. That’s how the entire project went. Some people shoveled sand and others ran gas lines.

That’s how we work together inside the office too. We are not in competition with one another because we’d rather collaborate. Our job is customer and carrier satisfaction, and we pursue those two goals with a single-minded, team-focused determination. When a problem arises, we’re on it together. If we have after-hours, last-minute loads to book, we’re on them together–until the last load is booked. 


We play together.

The beer garden is just one expression of how much we like one another. We don’t only work together, we enjoy hanging out together. The beer garden is the natural culmination of this. It’s a great space where we can have beers and food after work, and it’s outside so it’s perfect during a pandemic. We recently had our first polar bear happy hour with wings and beers, and it was a huge success. 

But the beer garden isn’t the end of it. Every summer we hold an annual golf outing, and in the fall we dress up for Halloween, and during the month of November we cook a huge meal for the kids who participate in the 5th block program at the middle school. At Christmas, we have a Christmas party with music that gets even the most reluctant dancer out on the dance floor. 

In addition, we have bags tournaments, numerous happy hours, workout challenges, and sometimes we go bowling or get together to play basketball. This is good for our customers and carriers because we’re in it together. 

And because we genuinely like one another, the energy in our work environment is positively charged. The operations team works in a large open space essential to the quick and clear communication necessary in the transportation industry. 


Work together–Play Together

A small, local logistics company has a lot to offer discerning manufacturers, distributors, and the carriers who haul their freight. But we also have a lot to offer the folks we are lucky to work with. We’ve been in the logistics and transportation business for over 30 years because the industry is fast-paced, challenging, and ever-changing. There’s no time for boredom when you work in logistics. 

Here at AM Transport, our team members are cross-trained in all aspects of the business. Customer service representatives have worked as carrier reps, and the folks in accounting have done both jobs too. We believe each team member should be equipped with the knowledge to make quick decisions. Our team members aren’t working in some hierarchy where every decision they make has to inch its way through a chain of command. 

At the same, this cross-training provides redundancy, so we can offer flexibility that lots of big companies can’t. We love families. And we know that milestones and family events are important, therefore, we’re willing to work with you, so you don’t miss them. 

We’re also committed to our community. We encourage volunteerism and make sure our team members are given opportunities for service projects during and after work hours. Several of our team members have served on a variety of committees, city, bank, and hospital boards, and as softball, baseball, and basketball coaches. Our commitment to the community comes in handy when you have a board meeting or a soccer tournament.

Finally, when you work at AM Transport, you work with a talented team of dedicated, smart, and genuinely nice people. You can’t beat that.


Back to the beer garden.

Take another look at that beer garden. As the weather warms up, we’ll start getting outside–for meetings, for lunch, after work. It’s a space we created together, and it’s a place we’ll use together.

At AM Transport, we’re a force to be reckoned with because of that togetherness. Small and local isn’t just about how many people we are and where we’re located. It’s a philosophy based on the idea that we’re better together than alone. If you want to work with or for a small, local freight brokerage that puts people and community first, give us a call.