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Reliable rates AND exceptional service.

AND not OR


Here at AM Transport Services, when it comes to providing our customers with the best solutions for their transportation needs, we think AND not Or. It’s probably not something you think about a lot–those two little words, but they can make a huge difference in your bottom line.


Are you still handling your logistics in-house?


Dave is a logistics manager for a mid-sized manufacturer here in the midwest. Dave prefers to handle his logistics in-house because he likes to work with assets. You know what that means–he wants to work directly with carriers. He believes that is his best bet to receive the lowest rate. He’s operating under the and/or philosophy: I can get the lowest rate, or I can have great service.

Well, you know how that goes. When you are always looking for the lowest rate, you put up with some aggravation, dropped loads, inadequate communication, and taking your chances on the spot market because sometimes that low rate morphs into a high rate when you have to cover a hot load at the last minute.

That is how we began working with Dave. Sally had been talking to him for a few weeks, explaining that by working with AMT, he could lock in a fair rate and expect excellent service. Dave was wary of Sally’s claims, but when two of his regular providers dropped two JIT loads on the same day, Dave gave Sally a call. “Let’s see what you can do,” he said.


You can have excellent rates AND excellent service.


We covered the loads at a slightly higher rate than Dave normally pays, but only because they had to be on the road within hours. And Dave got to experience the AMT advantage. We got an excellent carrier on both loads, made the appointments, tracked the loads (and provided updates for Dave and his customer), took care of the paperwork and paid the carrier. Dave didn’t have to worry about a thing. And he admitted he couldn’t have done it on his own, “I simply didn’t have the bandwidth to take care of this one. You guys saved me time and money,” he admitted to Sally. 

And still, he continued to operate within the and/or paradigm, believing that the extra he pays every once in a while is worth the low rate, believing he has to choose–low rates or high service


Premium carriers AND reliable rates AND honest communication.


And we’ll admit–here at AMT we can’t beat some of those low, low rates Dave sometimes gets because we have long term relationships with exceptional carriers–businesses with long-time drivers, excellent safety records, and premium equipment. What we can do, Sally told Dave, is give him a fair, reliable, consistent rate AND service levels that will save him time and money each and every day because he won’t be chasing trucks, shuffling paperwork, and losing sleep wondering whether or not that hot load delivered on-time.

The pandemic has really done a number on the freight market. Here at AMT, we understand that shippers like Dave are frustrated and they’re looking for some relief. We don’t know when (or if) things are going to turn around. But we can do a few things to help you weather the storm. We offer dynamic pricing–we’ll lock in a rate for a certain amount of time, and then it doesn’t matter what the market does, you’ve got it. We can analyze your routes and lanes and put dedicated carriers on them for you. And we take care of everything. We operate in the background, keeping your logistics running smoothly, so you can get back to taking care of your business.


AND not OR Logistics the AMT Way


Dave’s been working with us for a while now. He decided to try out AND not or. And he’s been pleasantly surprised. So we asked him what he liked about working with AMT, and here’s what we found out.


  • He appreciates the “exceptional communication” (his words, not mine). We talked to the carriers; we made the pickup and delivery appointments; and we were always available by email or phone. When I say we were always available by email or phone I mean that we don’t have voicemail or phone trees.


  • He likes not having to vet carriers. Regulations in the logistics industry seem to change on a daily basis. And every time you deliver to a new job site, you have to worry about permits and the physical details of every delivery and pickup.


  • People. We weren’t surprised by this one. We have the best logistics team in the midwest. Dave likes having a single point of contact, but he also likes it that everyone on the team knows what’s going on. If Joe’s not in the office, Sam can take care of things. We call that redundancy–and it’s something Dave is starting to count on.


It’s a happy ending, or should we say beginning for Dave. He’s found out that with AM Transport services, he can receive a fair reliable rate AND access to the best carriers, the best service, and the best communication from the best team in the logistics industry. 


Don’t allow OR to limit your logistics options. 


Adopt the AND mindset and experience the freedom that comes with better choices, a wider variety of premier carriers, and a team that’s got your back. Reasonable rates AND great service. Call AMT if this sounds good to you.