Getting to Know Joe Eagleson and Chad Martin

Getting to Know Joe and Chad

If you call AMT very often, you’ve probably spent a little time on the phone with Joe and Chad. Joe’s been part of the team since May of 2017 when he started as a carrier manager and Chad interned with us before signing on as a carrier manager in 2015.


How has your job changed and evolved over the years?


Joe: Laptops with dual monitors are way better than a desktop with dual monitors!

Chad: When I started we had actual phones on our desks instead of just a headset and a computer. Tracking shipments is much easier now and more accepted by drivers and carriers.


Do you have a favorite funny story/memory from work?


Joe: When we were playing Moose-rady. The comeback win Moose had over Elliot was pretty epic.

Chad: The making of the first AMT Christmas Album. It was one of the best collaborations of all time and very memorable.


Tell me a little bit about your family.


Joe: I grew up with two older brothers. I got away with everything.

Chad: I have two nieces and a nephew. Being an uncle is one of my favorite things.


Are you a morning person or an evening person?


Joe: I typically rise by 5:30 every morning for no particular reason other than my body just wakes up at that time.

Chad: I’m an evening person. Most people say nothing good happens after midnight, but I have many arguments against that.


What’s your favorite AMT activity?


Joe: The after party at the golf outing.

Chad: The Halloween Party. Anything can happen at the AMT Halloween party.


What’s your favorite season?


Joe: Summer. I would rather be hot than cold.

Chad: Fall because it’s the perfect weather and a good time of the year to have bonfires.


What’s your favorite food?


Joe: Pizza as you can eat it anytime, anywhere, with anybody for any reason, no matter where you have been or where you are going in the near future.

Chad: Pizza because everyone likes pizza. Just ask Joe.


Coffee or tea?


Joe: Coffee made with an aeropress.

Chad: Sweet tea.


Favorite childhood memory?


Joe: Running wild and free with my friends all the time before cell phones locked kids down.


What’s the best book you’ve read in the past 12 months? If not a book, a television show or a podcast?


Joe: Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Chad: I typically don’t watch TV series, but I watched Arrow last year and thought it was pretty good.


What’s your favorite dish to take to a potluck and would you like to share the recipe?


Joe: Buffalo chicken dip. will tell you the recipe.

Chad: Bacon/Cream Cheese Pinwheels


Dogs or cats?


Joe: I take care of two cats and one dog.

Chad: Dogs, but I don’t have one.


What’s your favorite summer activity?


Joe: I typically hang out with my family on my uncle’s property on the lake.

Chad: Every year my family and I spend a week at Lake of the Ozarks to golf and boat.


The pandemic has really slowed things down. What’s something you’re looking forward to as we start opening things up.


Joe: I’m looking forward to traveling to see friends I haven’t seen since prior to the pandemic.

Chad: Sporting events and concerts


If you could give your twelve-year-old self some advice, what would it be?


Joe: Most meetings can be emails, and if a meeting is necessary, it can be kept under five minutes.

Chad: “The roof is the ceiling.” –Michael Jordan